John Major makes a powerful Brexit statement.

  Quickbeam 14:41 28 Feb 2018


Just come in and put the TV on to find ex PM John Major in the middle of a scathing and caustic attack on the government's current Brexit strategy...

  Quickbeam 14:43 28 Feb 2018

Still breaking news... enter link description here

  Quickbeam 14:55 28 Feb 2018

The main gist of his speech appears to be that we must have a Customs Union of some sort. Which of course is Labour's main strategy this week. Which of course is now forcing TMay's much expected speech this week to be rewriten yet again no doubt.

Rees Mogg right now is throwing some scathing personal anti Major insults out in an attempt to discredit him.

Does the government still maintain that the national Brexit divisions are near to healing...?

  Forum Editor 15:01 28 Feb 2018

John Major has been waiting to do this for a long time, but he's yesteryear's man, and I doubt that many people will be convinced by his sour-grapes rationale.

When you ask the populace a question, you'll get an answer. It's no good getting all spiteful, and arguing for another chance to ask the same question, just because you didn't like the first answer.

It's time John Major stopped believing that he still has any real influence over events and took up rose-growing or stamp collecting, instead of spitefully trying to stab the current Prime Minister in the back.

  rickf 15:04 28 Feb 2018

"getting all spiteful" Wow! That's a spiteful response

  Quickbeam 15:10 28 Feb 2018

Conservative ex PM's don't interfere in later Conservative policy lightly.

This is a major (pun unintended but possibly mildly amusing...) smack in the collective gobs of the current cabinet!

  Aitchbee 15:37 28 Feb 2018

He [Major] warned: "Unrealistic aspirations are usually followed by retreat."

Yes, but not always. See Link Below.

click here

  [DELETED] 16:22 28 Feb 2018

Condescending disrespectful (place Adjective here) I knew exactly what I was voting for, if anything hearing that has strengthened my resolve even more that I have voted the right way. As far as I'm concerned he's scored an own goal.

  Forum Editor 16:51 28 Feb 2018


"getting all spiteful" Wow! That's a spiteful response"

Don't be a silly Billy.

  LastChip 17:03 28 Feb 2018

The likes of Major and Blair are discredited individuals, that don't speak for the majority of the UK.

Major has always been on the wrong side of public opinion on the EU, so no change there.

An American author recently publicly called Blair a liar on BBC TV, but with reference to a conversation that he (the author) claims took place in the White house.

After Iraque, who'd believe a word that he said?

I would regard them both (as the FE said), as yesteryears men with no real influence on anything.

  BT 17:58 28 Feb 2018

When will these disgruntled politicians realise that you can't just repeating Referendums(?) until they get the result they want. Might just as well not bother in the first place and just impose their wishes on us.

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