Joe Calzage

  Strawballs 22:18 10 Nov 2008

Anybody see him pick himself off of the floor in the first round to totally dominate him for the rest of the fight?

  peter99co 22:21 10 Nov 2008

Who put him there? (on the floor?)

  Strawballs 22:24 10 Nov 2008

Roy Jones Jr

  tullie 23:44 10 Nov 2008


  The Brigadier 08:51 11 Nov 2008

Retire whilst on top 46 fights 46 wins!

  spuds 10:34 11 Nov 2008

Wasn't the media stating that this would be his last fight, now it seems as though its back to the thinking stage.

The problem with some prize fighters, is the last fight might mean exactly that.The glory and money far exceeds common sense.

  sunnystaines 11:11 11 Nov 2008

pay per view tv prevented most of us watching a good fight, anyone know if its being repeated later on normal tv.
he should retire on top and go out with a zero defeat record.

  Stuartli 11:12 11 Nov 2008

Joe Calzage, undoubtedly the finest British boxer of all time, is noted for never being beaten, even if he has been put down early in a fight.

What a pity that some of our youngsters, such as male singers who shed buckets of tears if the public vote them off TV shows such as X Factor, don't display such character and resilience.

  jakimo 12:07 11 Nov 2008

It was Joe Calzaghe who said that win or lose this would be his last fight,now he`s still undefeated hes having second thoughts,nodoubt the best boxer this country has ever had,and with nothing more to prove why go on and risk having a scrambled brain & buckled legs,it was Rocky Marciano who was the wise one and new when to stop, retiring undefeated

  oresome 12:41 11 Nov 2008

I hope he retires now.

I like to remember boxers at their best and certainly don't want them to sustain permanent injuries by going a fight to far.

I've enjoyed some of his previous fights aired on one of the freeview digital channels over recent weeks.

  donki 13:00 11 Nov 2008

I wouldnt go as far to say the finest British boxer of all time. He has had his career managed very well and never really took a big risk. Early on in his career he avoided America and prefered to fight a home. He also fought alot of big names the most of which were past their prime Roy Jones Jr and Bernard Hopkins just examples. To beclassified as a legend he should have thought these buys 5 - 10 years ago.

I am not saying he isnt a good boxer because he is and he is also a model professional, but he is far from the best we have had. Look at Chris Eubank and Barry McGuigan for starters, Barry especially as he thought when boxing was more of a sport than an bussiness.

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