Job rejection letter raises a laugh.

  rdave13 22:53 27 Aug 2011

Most probably this has been posted before but brightens up the miserable world a bit I think.

Bet you'll at least smile if not chuckle.

baby laugh

  gengiscant 09:44 28 Aug 2011

I think 'rdave' was referring to those of us who are blessed with a sense of humour.

  carver 10:02 28 Aug 2011

rdave13 some of us do have a sense of humour and I did find that amusing, but I suppose if I ever have a frontal lobotomy then the humour may disappear.

  Forum Editor 11:11 28 Aug 2011

There are five people in my house at present - my wife and I, and friends visiting from Australia.

I chuckled at the laughing baby, as did my wife and one of the friends. The other two - who have no children of their own - didn't find it remotely amusing. Maybe there's the clue - people who have had babies of their own respond more readily to laughing babies. Who knows?

  gengiscant 11:17 28 Aug 2011

And I was referring to those of us who find endless videos of 'funny' babies on YouTube dull and tedious Simple answer don't go on Youtube and watch them.

  carver 11:28 28 Aug 2011

FE I suppose it's down to a baby's laughter is genuine, it's something that an adult some times looses as they get older and more self conscious about there behaviour in front of other people.

  onthelimit1 14:37 28 Aug 2011

'I don't doubt I could post lots of things that have me crying with laughter that would leave you completely cold'.

Hmmm. I'm sure you could!

  octal 14:43 28 Aug 2011

It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks, the baby found it funny.

  userious? 16:02 28 Aug 2011

Here we go again with usual war of words between fourm member and another forum member.

  morddwyd 16:06 28 Aug 2011

Must admit that for once I'm with fourm member on this one.

I clicked on the link, saw where it was going, and immediately closed it.

I didn't laugh either.

The new system does sometimes give some idea what a link is about before you click it.

Unfortunately this one didn't.

  carver 20:48 28 Aug 2011

I think if you look at the link it does in fact say "baby laugh tags "laugh out loud , me thinks you can't make it any plainer.

If you closed the link straight away how do you know it's not amusing.

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