Job Applications - analysis surveys things.

  lisa02 15:45 17 Sep 2007

Please tick which is most like you and tick which is least like you.

Have any of you done one of these tests in a job application?

I just filled one in for my brother and failed it :( funny part is I passed the same test over a year ago for the job I currently hold.

Reminds me of a time when I applied to another company, for PT student hours, where they had a mini English and maths test. They scrapped it because some of their top management failed it.

  Marko797 16:17 17 Sep 2007

Is there a link lisa02?

  Riojaa 16:27 17 Sep 2007

Maybe they simply don't want a guy who thinks like a girl.

  tullie 16:43 17 Sep 2007

Whas this about?

  Marko797 16:48 17 Sep 2007

I think it was meant to be about psychometric testing, or personality testing, but no link was provided.

  lisa02 17:56 17 Sep 2007

It's on a company recruitment website. You can only access the survey via registering, logging in and your giving National Insurance number.

I was wondering about people's experiences with these tests. People IMO would tick what they felt the employer would want and not what was truthful about them.

Riojaa LOL, do they mark it against gender and other information, like IQ and age?

  Clapton is God 18:41 17 Sep 2007

"People IMO would tick what they felt the employer would want and not what was truthful about them"

Not necessarily true.

I was recently asked to complete one of these ridiculous tests when applying for a job.

I'm pretty much a grumpy old man who doesn't suffer fools gladly and, having answered the questions truthfully, that aspect of my personality no doubt came across.

I got the job.

  laurie53 08:43 18 Sep 2007

I once did one of these and afterwards was invited to stay for a chat, when I was told I was in the top 2% of the whole country.

Didn't get the job though (NHS trust)!

Consoled myself by saying that they didn't want to employ someone who was so much better than they were!

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