Job advertising no where is free?

  Portal11 16:18 04 May 2011

hiya guys, my uncle owns a small company & wants to advertise for two jobs, he lives in the middle of no where so he sometimes finds it hard to recruit when he gets busy, he has asked me to place an advert online for him & if possible for free,

Ive searched and searched and from what i can see most companies advertise Free Advertising but when you go into creating the add they charge you & some of them are silly prices?

Does anyone know of a company that he can use please?


  smokingbeagle 16:42 04 May 2011
  wee eddie 16:43 04 May 2011

Why not try Gumtree.

I know that it's not specifically for jobs but it is Local to you and it is the kind of place where the Out of Work would be Surfing.

Why does he not try Job Centre+, they are On-line as well as In-house?

  Portal11 16:47 04 May 2011

smokingbeagle & Wee Eddie

Thank you guys, The gumtree advertise for free BUT if you want to advertise a job its £35?? its in their interest to have more companies advertise to attract users??

The job centre! yeah thats worth a look at! thanks once again..

  wiz-king 18:03 04 May 2011

Staff notice board? Local newsagents?

  wee eddie 20:49 04 May 2011

Portal11 ~ I'll tell you this, £35 is cheap if it only produces those that really want a job.

If you go to the Job Centre, you get a load of numpties who don't really want a Job, but need to prove that they have applied for a certain number of jobs, each fortnight.

  freelin 10:51 06 May 2011

what sort of job(s) is(are) it(they)? sometimes people want to live in the middle of no where, and arent capable of heavy manual work and arent really capable of high powered technical jobs, just want to get away, and are willing to try anything, not necessarily for a lot of pay

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