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Jo Swinson: Clarke and Harman prepared to lead!!

  bremner 17:10 16 Aug 2019

BBC Article

So a dedicated remainer suggests an emergency government to be led by two staunch remainers.

Anyone care to hazard a guess what they might do re Brexit?

  john bunyan 17:53 16 Aug 2019

I would imagine they would call for a referendum to test the latest situation versus remain, as polls show there is a 55% in favour of Remaining.

Those saying that is anti democratic should watch what is happening in Scotland.

  Dunk 17:58 16 Aug 2019

Perhaps give the people a vote, again, as so much more is now known about outcomes than what we were told in 2016. Things like possible shortages of insulin were never talked about back then.

  Al94 18:05 16 Aug 2019
  Quickbeam 18:29 16 Aug 2019

yeah... right...

  Dunk 18:41 16 Aug 2019

I only got to "...A French port official has utterly embarrassed Emanuel Macron..." before giving up. Could we maybe find a man at Dover to say something to embarrass Boris? I'm sure that's a possibility.

  Quickbeam 18:50 16 Aug 2019
  Quickbeam 19:19 16 Aug 2019

Maybe we should sell ourselves to the USA who after being rebuffed by the Greenland takeover bid, they might like to make us an offer we can't refuse...

  john bunyan 19:39 16 Aug 2019


The US has a history of buying territory. Eg Alaska was bought for $7.2 million , Louisiana was $15 million, and other southern states like California , Utah etc cost $15 million. With our National Debt at £1.8 trillion, we could probably be picked up quite cheaply

  Quickbeam 20:03 16 Aug 2019

I think that this thread has quickly evolved into the silly season thread!

  Govan1x 10:30 17 Aug 2019

Silly season thread and silly season politics.

It is a bit like the Gunpowder plot without the Gunpowder.

When will it end, October the 31st maybe. Before or after is my guess.

Will it end peacefully, If Hong Kong is anything to go by maybe maybe not.

I can see trouble ahead whoever wins.

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