Jim'll Fix it

  Kev.Ifty 00:44 11 Oct 2008

If they bring it back.

I would ask Jim to Fixit for me to meet up with one of those '118' Guys.

I would then proceeded to hit him until I began to laugh uncontrollably.

If I got a second go. I would invite Jeremy Kyle to a 'Poisonous Snake Teasing Contest'

Kev :-)

  MCE2K5 01:05 11 Oct 2008

click here we7DOTcom

Have been trying for FOUR hours now, Still nothing.

The site has been updated Today 10-10-08, A Face Lift, I think they call it, However it seems to lock everybody out.

Tried 2 different PC's with different A/V & firewalls.

Could somebody please, Try to see if you can get in to play any Music, Cause I'll be da**ed if I can.

  Kev.Ifty 01:23 11 Oct 2008

Fair play to you for getting that Advert in there.

That is a skill. Well done Pal.

I shall tick resolved before we get Viagra Ads.

  MCE2K5 01:27 11 Oct 2008

It's NOT an Ad.

Having BIG Trouble getting into the site.

  GRIDD 05:19 11 Oct 2008

Working fine now.

Here's the about page:

"We7 gives you Great Music - FREE
We7 is an outstanding new music destination where you can listen to, share and discover music for FREE, legally and safely. You choose the music you want to hear and play full tracks and albums online, on-demand at anytime. We also offer you the ability to buy the music you love in high quality mp3 downloads which you can play on iPods and most other digital players.

Read more

How it works
This is all made possible by We7's unique and significant "MediaGraft" technology that allows us to dynamically attach adverts to the beginning of each track you stream or download. The "MediaGraft" technology also creates new, targeted, advertising inventory which links the emotional power of music, creative short audio adverts and digital display ads (such as MPUs) together in such a way that digital effectiveness measurements increase significantly. These advrts are targeted at you, the user; the revenue generated from these adverts goes to artists, labels and other rights owners. You get music for free and the artist gets paid fairly - everybody wins.

  laurie53 09:22 11 Oct 2008

I would like him to fix it for me to take a sledge hammer to those ghastly talking toy things that they have at the entrance of most supermarkets and burst into life if you go near them.

  MCE2K5 16:01 11 Oct 2008

As you say, It's Working now.

Thanks fro trying for me.


  Quiller. 16:32 11 Oct 2008

I would ask Jim to Fixit for me to meet up with one of those '118' Guys.

I would then proceeded to hit him until I began to laugh uncontrollably."

that made me laugh :-)

My wife used them twice about a couple of months ago. Cost of two calls totalled £10.

She won't be using them again :-)

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