Jim Martins "Outbox" P146 March Issue Makes For Sad Reading.

  uggly 10:16 31 Dec 2012

Mr.Martin mentions in his fine article "This all points to a future where,perhaps even in Windows 9,the desktop will be relegated to history and users will be forced to rely on apps."

In the UK,there are 8 million sufferers of over 200 forms of arthritis.I'm one person who has two forms of it namely osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia.These conditions knows no boundaries of age,race,creed,colour,background,religion etc.I for one cannot use a touchscreen and am pretty sure others like me cannot.It would be absolute fiscal folly for computer manufacturers to dump the desktop and lose potential sales.

If some manufacturers decide to dump the desktop,then it will be left to a few specialist companies to make them.This is what happened to mobile phones which for many are complex to use and for certain generations quite useless.To fill that void,Doro came along and gave us SIM-free mobiles to make and receive calls,texts and pictures and thats all their phones do.In other words,a company has filled a necessary gap,and by all accounts its very successful at what it has done.

So what about desktops then?Is there one company out there who will fill the gap for users like me and carry on producing desktops if some decide not to?I hope yes,there will be.Who will it be I ask? Dell? Chiliblast? Whoever it is will garner the business of many millions of physically disabled people that only ever want a desktop.Such specialist firms will make a fortune selling them.The potential loss to those who choose otherwise is pure business folly.

Jim Martins article gives us all something to think about,and well done him for his approach to this issue.Lets hope these people who make the decisions about what we use realise the potential loss of revenue that would happen and think again if 8 million people took their customer to specialist desktop makers.

Well done Jim Martin.Great article.

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