JFK shooting game

  VoG II 19:19 23 Nov 2004

click here

Would you play this? Strikes me as being about as sick as you can get.

  spikeychris 19:33 23 Nov 2004

The game itself is bad enough but the absolute rubbish that the developers have spouted is woeful..

"The Stirling-based company argued that the game was aimed at disproving theories that a conspiracy, rather than lone gunman Lee Harvey Oswald, was responsible for the assassination."

Watch the online-video...

  carolineann 19:57 23 Nov 2004


But you know as well as I do that there will be even sicker saddo's who will buy it.

  Dan the Confused 20:17 23 Nov 2004

It is sick, but is it any worse than going to the cinema and watching a film that painted a biased picture of the assassination to make it look like a conspiracy just for the sake of 'entertainment'? (Film is JFK.)

(Btw, apologies for all my film refs recently, must learn to stop it!)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:18 23 Nov 2004

There are plenty of computer games where one has to kill/maim soldiers/people from various wars/countries etc. Could someone explain the difference?


  Steven W 20:25 23 Nov 2004

I didn't think it was a game but a chance to examine the "facts" (so distorted by now) yourself.

Not sure which is more sick. The idea of this "simulator" or the scene in "JFK" where he repeatedly shows the Zubrudder film head shot over and over again.....

  Dorsai 20:26 23 Nov 2004

There is no difference, apart from the Fact that JFK was a real person, rather than an imaginary person.

But perhaps that rather small Is enought to mark the difference between bad taste, and a bad game.

  Steven W 20:27 23 Nov 2004

Just seen the "Match Oswalds shots and win $10,000" notice. Now that's sick....

  spikeychris 20:27 23 Nov 2004

I agree GANDALF <|:-)> I don't do games so my experience of these matters are slim. "Could someone explain the difference?" Its the way they try to explain it away that irritates me.

  Forum Editor 20:58 23 Nov 2004

a game in which you 'kill' virtual soldiers/people in imaginary circumstances and one which appears to exploit the assassination of an historical figure - one whose children are still alive.

I personally find it distasteful that such a 'game' (if you can call it that) should be on sale, and the producers' justification of it is less than pleasant.

  fourjays 20:59 23 Nov 2004

That game is sick... A 'game' where you have to re-create an assasination? Its about as good as someone making a game where you fly the planes in 9/11. Just plain sick. What is worst, is that they are encouraging people to play it with the reward money.

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