Jetpatcher a solution to our pothole nightmare?

  peter99co 16:15 23 Feb 2010

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Tell us if you spot one?

AA reports pothole-related claims are up 400%, and councils are throwing money at their ravaged roads.

Nationally, there are an estimated 1.6 million new potholes due to the icy spell, and the Local Government Association says the repair bill will be about £100m this year.

  BigRik 16:59 23 Feb 2010

Just 'round the corner from me on the main road, some resurfacing work started yesterday evening. They're doing roughly a 70 metre stretch. However, the next 50 or so metres of road is in a worse condition than the section they're now doing, and they're not gonna be repairing that!

The mind boggles.

  peter99co 17:07 23 Feb 2010

Go and ask them why. Could be an interesting discussion.

  BigRik 17:14 23 Feb 2010

I have thought about doing just that, but why am I thinking the only reply I'll get is, 'I don't know! We just do as we're told!'

  Woolwell 17:18 23 Feb 2010

I've spotted a pothole in a repaired section.

  robgf 17:56 23 Feb 2010

They do seem to have trouble repairing the road nowadays.
Years ago when you went off to work, they would be stripping off the surface with a big machine, next day the new surface would be down and they would have done a mile or so of road.

Nowadays, there will be loads of cones and chaps in fluorescent jackets and traffic lights and at the end of a week they have done some rough patchwork, over a short length of road. That promptly starts to fall apart again a week later.

It is obviously possible to refurbish areas how they used to, as my local Sainsburys redid their entire car park in one day, without closing it. They just sectioned areas of as they worked.

We could do with that patching machine on my estate. The only time it gets repaired, is when someone decides to do a bit of DIY, with the tarmac repair from B&Q which does a surprisingly long lasting job, perhaps the councils should nip to B&Q, lol.

  Quickbeam 08:26 24 Feb 2010

Our council had to do a lot of quick repairs on busroute potholes because of the rough ride they were causing. Now the quick repairs are reopening after only a few weeks. With jetpatcher, this would seem to be capable of repairing potholes that will last until the surface qualifies for a resurface job.

The people of Blackburn Lancashire should now be able to rest easy...

  DANZIG 08:39 24 Feb 2010

I wish they'd use this round my way.

There's a busy junction just round the corner from me on Huddersfield ring road - for those who know it its the junction nearish Sainsbury's that joins on to St Andrews Road.

There is a bloody great hole RIGHT in the middle of it! Why this hasn't been fixed is beyond me as it is no way a 'back road', its the main way to Wakefield.

If I had the time, I would count the major holes on my way to work and if I had MORE time - I'd take photos of them as well. Its like driving on a 10 mile cattle grid to work.

  Chegs ®™ 10:12 24 Feb 2010

I went off to work Monday evening,and remarked to myself that "finally they're repairing the road through the estate" as there were large areas of scored out roadway.I went off to work Tuesday to find these scored off areas had had cones placed near them but no further remedial work,and on taking the dog out this morning there are no workmen to be seen.I hope they've repaired it by this evening as the "temporary" surface left cannot be avoided and causes some heart-stopping crashes & bangs through the suspension.

  Grey Goo 15:31 24 Feb 2010

If you ring the Council they will probably insist it is somebody elses resposibility to repair it. Usually blame the water,gas,or some other utility. The fact that it may be a danger to life and limb does not come into it.

  Belatucadrus 23:04 24 Feb 2010

The local council used one on our road last year, it did a fair enough patch job on the potholes and it seems to have withstood the last few batches of snow and ice. But it's still a patch and the roads around here are in dire need of resurfacing before we start to look like a province of Romania.

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