Jerusalem rabbis 'condemn dog to death by stoning'

  Flak999 13:07 18 Jun 2011

Not animal lovers obviously!

It's no wonder the Arab Israeli conflict is so intractable when you have religious zealots making pronouncements like this!

If they would do this to a stray dog you can understand how they treat the Arabs as they do!

  ventanas 13:13 18 Jun 2011

Animal lovers - no

Bloody vermin - yes

  Forum Editor 13:54 18 Jun 2011

Referring to people as "Bloody vermin" because of their religious beliefs is hardly going to add much to the discussion, is it?

As the article points out, "Dogs are considered impure animals in traditional Judaism." and this dog was thought to be possessed by the spirit of someone who insulted the court's judges.

Ordering a dog to be put to death in this way, and for this reason is certainly something that most people would consider an inhumane act, and it's incomprehensible to most people that in this day and age there are those who believe than an animal could be the reincarnation of a human being. Nevertheless there are people who believe it, and who have religious beliefs which accommodate such thinking.

By all means let's condemn an inhumane act, but I'll tolerate no further references to people being 'vermin' in this context.

  Flak999 15:22 18 Jun 2011

fourm member

And your point is?

The link you gave basically reiterates the information on the BBC news site. But if you wish to use the information in your link:

"A Jerusalem rabbinical court recently sentenced a wandering dog to death by stoning. The cruel sentence stemmed from the suspicion that the hound was the reincarnation of a famous secular lawyer, who insulted the court's judges 20 years ago."

and this

"one of the judges sentenced the poor animal to death by stoning, recruiting the neighborhood's children to carry out the order. Luckily, the dog managed to escape."

and finally this

"They didn't think of it as cruelty to animals, but as an appropriate way to 'get back at' the spirit which entered the poor dog."

You obviously feel it is acceptable for supposedly responsible adults to encourage children to throw stones at a stray dog?

That of course puts to one side the fact that these 'responsible adults' apparently believe that the dog is the reincarnation of a human being!?!?

  Forum Editor 15:35 18 Jun 2011

"You obviously feel it is acceptable for supposedly responsible adults to encourage children to throw stones at a stray dog?"

I can't answer for someone else, but I think most people would shrink from stoning a dog to death - most people in this country at any rate. The fact is, in many other countries such behaviour would not be considered particularly cruel.

In Spain they kill bulls to entertain cheering crowds, and treat donkeys with appalling cruelty to satisfy age-old traditions. Wander around street markets in some parts of Asia and China and you'll see enough animal cruelty to last you a lifetime. Visit certain remote farms in England and Wales and you can witness animals being provoked to fight to the death in front of cheering groups of men and women who place bets on the outcome.

The cruelty being discussed here was born of religious belief mixed with ignorance and superstition. It has featured in media reports because it came to the notice of an animal welfare group whose members reported it to police, otherwise it would have gone un-remarked and unreported. That doesn't mean it's acceptable, but it should be viewed in context.

  Flak999 15:58 18 Jun 2011

Forum Editor

"The cruelty being discussed here was born of religious belief mixed with ignorance and superstition."

And that sentence explains all we need to know really doesn't it? Religion = ignorance and superstition.

  Flak999 16:11 18 Jun 2011

fourm member

"I'm impressed by your ability to divine my attitude to animal cruelty."

I thought punctuation was your strong suit? Did you miss the question mark at the end of the sentence?

"it is not such an event as to merit reporting by our national broadcaster."

The BBC obviously disagree with you! (I know that must be a shock!)

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