Jerma Palace Hotel in Malta

  bumpkin 16:31 05 Apr 2015

Members here seem widely travelled, not myself paticularly but I stayed at the Jerma on many occassions it was probably the best hotel in Malta. If none of you have stayed there then forget it but if anyone has they may find this link interesting click here It would seem it was just abandoned though I can see no reason why.

  Nontek 17:16 05 Apr 2015

click here stayed there, but still intersting!


  bumpkin 17:44 05 Apr 2015

Thanks Nontek, why someone would just abandon something that was relatively not that old and must have cost millions of pounds and was run sucessfully it what puzzles me, I know Gadaffi was something to do with it as he frequently stayed there and I believe initialy it was a Malta/Libya project.

  morddwyd 21:09 05 Apr 2015

Always preferred the Phoenicia myself, nicely old fashioned service.

  bumpkin 11:10 06 Apr 2015

Just had a look at it. Looks my kind of place.

  john bunyan 13:01 06 Apr 2015

In my view the best hotel is on Gozo, the Ta' Cenc. I used to like the Mellleiah Bay hotel; the best beach is Armier Bay, in the North East. The Phoenecia is fine, but in Valetta. If you like a quiet time, there are good hotels and restaurants in Mdina. Have not been there for a while but was stationed there (RM Ghaijn Tuffieah - now Golden Bay) in 1956 -7 .Further RM visits in '60's and '70's. Had the pleasant job of surveying all the possible landing beaches in the '70's!

The Jerma Palace was in the Marsascala area; I much prefer the northern half of Malta. Nearby is Zonqor ; diving off there I saw the biggest Grouper I have ever seen. However at that time it was called "s..t alley" as there was a sewage outfall, causing divers to get ear infections.

I have too many Malta stories for here, including being first on the scene of a Sea Hawk crash and collecting the remains (sad) and helping to make a film involving mush underwater filming in the many underwater caves (happy). There used to be 3 airfields = Luqu, Ta'Quali, and Hal Far (RNAS)

  bumpkin 13:36 06 Apr 2015

I have only been there for holidays maybe a dozen times, lovely and sunny and friendly easy going people was its appeal to me. Always stayed at the Jerma it was just by chance that my daughter saw something on the net and asked me to look it up only to discover it is now derelict. Last visit about 12 yrs back. I can't understand why they would close it an leave for 8yrs, no doubt there is a reason.

  john bunyan 13:48 06 Apr 2015

I suspect it found that it was in the wrong part of the island - so many hotels now in the more popular northern half. There was a derelict hotel on Comino when I was there last but now it is up and running again.

  morddwyd 19:29 06 Apr 2015

Did three years there when I was giving my all for my country, it was hell but somebody had to do it!

My son, who was only three and not even school, used to disappear at 8 or 9 am and reappear at around tea time when the locals sent him home. He had always been fed and watered and usually ghost like covered in a fine white powder!

We still have friends there.

  flycatcher1 16:33 07 Apr 2015

Visiting Malta when we still had a Navy a trip down the "Gut" was a social eye-opener. On my last trip it had turned into a Working Men's Club - a friend of mine remarked "It always was". Favourite beach was up in the very North-East called "Slugs Bay" at the time. The area was deserted for miles but it is not like that on Google Earth today.

I was on both pull outs, on the last one Luqa was secured by the Paras, there was no trouble.

  sunnystaines 08:50 10 Apr 2015

reminds me of "palace hotel" in paignton devon stayed there in its prime and it was excellent, went back to view 25 years later thinking of bookinging again but is was a run down dump of a place wished i had never popped back it was so disappointing.

i expect its derelect like the one in malta by now or been knocked down.

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