Java Security risk?

  Nontek 23:10 10 Jan 2013

If you want to uninstall yours,

Control Panel/AddRemove or equivalent.

  SillBill 23:30 10 Jan 2013

ANOTHER scare?

  Forum Editor 09:48 11 Jan 2013

Yes, it is another scare, but it has fact behind it. Hackers can exploit vulnerabilities in Java, just as they can exploit vulnerabilities in browsers.

Internet security is a battlefield, and software developers are on a constant state of alert. Oracle will fix the problem - they must, because millions of people will find that if they disable java in their browsers hundreds of thousands of websites will not function properly.

  passing through 10:38 11 Jan 2013

I have had java disabled for my main browser, chrome, for a long time. If I do get a site I wish to view that will not function without java and they are very few. I use IE9 to open it.

My son, who is an IT specialist, advised me in disabling it for my main browser around 9 months ago.

  Forum Editor 11:48 11 Jan 2013

passing through

"If I do get a site I wish to view that will not function without java and they are very few.I use IE9 to open it."

Perhaps you don't visit many interactive websites?

Hundreds of thousands, if not millions of interactive web sites use javascript. Java is the global standard for developing and delivering mobile applications, games, and Web-based content. It's the most popular application platform in the world.

  Nontek 11:56 11 Jan 2013

I have disabled my own Java, but I don't use many sites anyway. So far, without problems.

  Forum Editor 13:38 11 Jan 2013

Before a sense of panic takes over I think it's worth pointing out that the most likely way for you to be vulnerable to an attack is when you visit a website that has been specifically set up by a hackers with malicious code that takes advantage of a java security hole.

The way that you might be tempted to visit such a site is via a hyperlink in a malicious email or newsletter. Hackers recently used an email that purported to come from Microsoft, but was in fact a butchered version of a real Microsoft email.

A healthy suspicion of all unexpected emails or newsletters from software companies is not a bad idea. If it doesn't smell right it possibly isn't right, and it does no harm to err on the side of caution. We use javascript on this site, and it's perfectly safe - you will suffer no ill-effects by visiting us with a java-enabled browser.

  groverick 19:09 12 Jan 2013

There is some confusion.

"... millions of interactive web sites use javascript. Java is the global standard ..."

Java and Javascript are two totally different technologies!

(like pencils and pencil skirts)

Java is used to write applications, which are programs that run in the OS and are safe and have nothing to do with the current scare. Java is also used to write applets, which are programs that run within a browser. The security container for applets has been breached by hackers. You want to turn off Java applets in your browser.

Javascript is unrealated to the current scare.

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