Jamie's Turkey

  wallbash 11:06 22 Dec 2007

Knowing of the high culinary standards of the poster's to this forum, was any one else 'mega' impressed with the carving of Jamie's Turkey shown last night!
For those that missed it, he 'pulled' the legs and wings off ( easy if the bird is correctly cooked) removed the breast from one side, IN ONE PIECE, then simply sliced .... too easy for words!!

For those who participated in the Roast potatoes posting a few weeks ago , did you practice???

I disagree with Jamie Oliver , too many spuds in the pan.

  tullie 11:17 22 Dec 2007

Wow!Thats interesting lol

  wallbash 11:27 22 Dec 2007

I have a feeling that you don't wrestle with a bird at Xmas !

  WhiteTruckMan 11:38 22 Dec 2007

-just the one I'm married to..


  Forum Editor 12:55 22 Dec 2007

I have ever seen. Hitherto I haven't been much of a Jamie Oliver fan (partly due to a very bad experience in one of his restaurants), but last night he excelled himself. The programme was packed with tips and tricks, beautifully produced, and concentrated on good, plain cooking, rather than what J.O. describes as 'poncey stuff'.

It was described by a national newspaper's TV critic as 'pure genius', and although I wouldn't personally elevate Jamie to that status I admit I was extremely impressed. Whoever produced and directed the programme knows a thing or ten about making good TV.

  WhiteTruckMan 13:17 22 Dec 2007

to watch cookery programs, but I always catch the food tasting bit on every thursday on chris evans drivetime slot on radio 2. Even though its radio, I always end up wanting to try the dishes being tasted. Brilliant radio.


  Forum Editor 13:30 22 Dec 2007

I agree - I'm an avid food-tasting listener myself.

  Legolas 14:16 22 Dec 2007

I seen some of it as I browsed through the channels, after reading the above remarks I wish I had given it more attention. Maybe there will be a follow up, what to do with the leftovers.

  Belatucadrus 14:34 22 Dec 2007

I did watch the Heston Blumenthal Christmas prog, the man's obviously a finely balanced amalgam of genius and lunacy so profound it's awesome. Despite all that he's profoundly uninspiring, his techniques are so off the wall and complex, I've never once felt the urge to try and replicate anything he's done, just too complex and messy, unless you have an army of sous chefs ready to clean up after you.

  Forum Editor 16:41 22 Dec 2007

He's an advocate of 'scientific cooking', and although I'm sure he achieves some wonderful results it's all a bit cold and technical for me. I prefer to hear someone tell me to 'bung it into the blender and give it a good wazz', as Jamie did last night.

  exdragon 20:14 22 Dec 2007

on Christmas Eve, Channel 4, 5.10pm. Probably a bit late if you haven't got your bird, but it sounds as if it's worth watching.

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