jamie oliver

  sunnystaines 09:15 04 May 2010

he has been promoting healthy eating in the USA which is a good thing, but why over here in the UK is he promoting junk food? saw him on a tv advert promoting sainsbury sausages what is healthy about a sausage its fat,grisle, and ceral binder with no goodness what so ever.

  wee eddie 09:39 04 May 2010

You may be correct in the case of some sausages.

However, to brand all sausages as unhealthy is wrong. It all the ingredients it contains are acceptable as part of a balanced diet. If you were to live off a diet of sausages and sit on your ass all day, you'd get fat and suffer from malnutrition. But then if you were to do the same thing using bananas, she same thing would happen.

You should note that, when considering a whole lifestyle/diet, too little fat is as dangerous as too much.

  Quickbeam 10:00 04 May 2010

Modern lean sausages are quite nutritious compared to sausages of a century ago.

Premium sausages have quite a high percentage of prime cut meat, whereas a Victorian sausage was like haggis, a poorman's meal made from all the offal click here The Bismark quote made me smile:)

  john bunyan 10:15 04 May 2010

See here for some info:

click here

Premium sausages are as "healthy" as the average cut of meat - economy less so.

  michaelw 10:19 04 May 2010

Bangers and mash. Lovely.

  Kevscar1 11:05 04 May 2010

It's not the sausage it's the 2 1/2 gallons of oil he was coking them in. We always grill ours.

  Bapou 11:43 04 May 2010

Seeing the commercial I wondered, how come he didn't burn his mouth eating straight from the pan?

  sunnystaines 11:44 04 May 2010

after watching a couple docs on tv over the years all have slated sausages, i can understand a few farmers or local butchers made ones being made with prime meat, but was of the opinion supermaket & mass produced ones were made from scraps hosed off bones with high pressure hoses.
used to know someone in the meat trade he would never touch a sausage as he said he had seen what went in them.

after reading replies, have trading standerds sorted the trade out?

  Þ² 11:55 04 May 2010

I'd like to repeatedly beat the smug git.

  Strawballs 12:19 04 May 2010

He has turned into a self rightous look at me I'm so great and as for the Sainsbury's adds I only have one thing to say Money talks.

  Condom 12:21 04 May 2010

When i was a lad I used to love to eat raw sausages which used to drive my mother nuts as every time she went to cook some she found one or two missing. It's amazing I never suffered from anything as a result.

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