Is jail really enough for these types?

  Marko797 17:35 24 Jun 2008

Paedophiles in the news again, this time a teacher in Derby. Allegedly, the young girl was 5 yrs old.

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Seeing in the news all these similar types going off to jail. Seems it's not a deterrent.

  Forum Editor 17:57 24 Jun 2008

What alternative do you propose?

  Brumas 17:59 24 Jun 2008

I think it has all been said before but I am in favour of the rusty razorblade + victim's parents + paedophile in a locked room scenario!
Sorry if this offends the pc wallahs - but that is my observation!

  zzzz999 18:03 24 Jun 2008

What do you suggest we do if we get it wrong?

  Chris the Ancient 18:17 24 Jun 2008

Vaguely on these lines...

I watched a programme last might about San Quentin jail and its gang culture. The guards were in permanent fear of being attacked. I was then discussing this programme with a client today.

We thought... why not do away with the guards all together and just let the gangs run the jail? Our decision is that the criminals would run the jail they wanted - which could be pretty terrifying!

Perhaps jails like that might make more people think twice about committing a crime if they thought they might end up there.


  Forum Editor 18:36 24 Jun 2008

I think it should offend anyone with any degree of civilisation, never mind "the pc wallahs".

It has nothing whatever to do with political correctness, it's about not acting like sub-humans. You don't run a civilised society by practicing legalised barbarism.

  peter99co 19:08 24 Jun 2008

Intensive physical and mental correction in a secure place using all the modern forms of medicine available which would produce the same result as suggested by Brumas but in a civilised way, so as not to upset anybody.

  Bingalau 19:11 24 Jun 2008

Isn't the phrase "Chemical Castration"? Sounds like a good way of doing it to me.

  Joe R 19:15 24 Jun 2008

Isn't the phrase "Chemical Castration"? Sounds like a good way of doing it to me.

Yes, until it happens to the wrong person.!

  Marko797 19:21 24 Jun 2008

Is the behaviour of these offenders anything other than 'barbaric' or sub-human?

The 'civilised society' that we have allows these freaks to prey on innocent children, with no real punishment, save losing the job which they had no real right to anyway, were unfit for, and which they thought so little about anyhow which was borne out by their actions; appearing on an offenders list indefinitely, and being detained at Her Majesty's pleasure, indefinitely. Well it's obviously working well...not.

We see it on the news time and time again, and still this imprisonment proves as no deterrent.

No, I don't have the answers FE, but this justice system is not working in these particular cases, IMHO.

I personally would like to see these offenders, post-sentencing, placed in a portable barred cell which is open to the elements, & should be positioned outside the court where they were sentenced. Public humiliation is the name of the game here, but with Police control.

This public display should then be advertised in the press and other media that this event/spectacle is happening, and ppl invited to come watch, shout, hurl abuse at the offender. Much like the 'stocks' we/they used to have in years gone by. The rationale? For that offender to personally feel the absolute hatred & disgust of fellow citizens of our 'civilised society', and for the offender to feel the anger, and be feared and shamed by it.

They should also be required to appear on national TV, with the parents of the offended party, and publicly apologise for their actions, and also explain what drove them to commit those actions. Naturally this would attract world media attention.

Whilst in jail, they should wear Guantanamo-type overalls of a particular colour (bright orange - good enough for potential terrorists, so definitley suitable for convicted paedophiles), which identifies them as paedophiles, so they carry the burden of shame with them everyday. All in-mates would know, by the colour of the overalls, what they are 'in for', and the offenders would be reminded of why they are in jail and wearing that particular coloured overall.

If all this shame were to result in the occasional suicide, well then 'shame' would have done it's job adequately, IMHO.

  Joe R 19:27 24 Jun 2008

It is really uplifting to see the humanity on display.

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