Jacques Delors: Euro was flawed from beginning

  peter99co 13:11 03 Dec 2011

BBC Link

Now he tells us!

  johndrew 14:09 03 Dec 2011

A short while ago John Major was interviewed on TV and part of that covered the Euro crisis. He made the observation that when parties to the formation agreed on the necessary actions the idea was workable, however, they were in such a hurry to get the Euro in to being that it was launched in contravention of the agreed parameters. Interesting that Jacques Delors is saying pretty much the same thing now.

We may yet be in a situation where 'chickens', 'home' and 'roost' are words used by others in possession of the details of negotiation start to reveal the full errors made by those in a hurry.

  proudfoot 21:02 03 Dec 2011

I have come to the conclusion that the German government had a strong suspicion from the start that the Euro would fail at some time in the future when they were pushing for it and France and the smaller nations fell into the trap. John Major and others could see the faults that one size never fits all unless every one is in step. This is what Germany is calling for now. For almost 100 years Germany has wanted to dominate the nations of Europe. Twice they tried by military means and failed miserably. Now it appears, if there is time before the Euro completely collapses they will achieve their historical aims. I have no political affiliation, but I feel Mr Cameron although he says he will look after UK interests will step into line with Merkel and the rest of the clan. It is now the time for a UK referndum on whether we stay in Europe or not. I voted yes in the referendum to join the Common Market for trading purposes without tarrifs, I did not vote for political union, which has happened. More of our laws and liberties will be lost if the general public and our MPs do not push for a referendum in the near future.

  peter99co 23:21 03 Dec 2011

I believe the USA had a few problems with a single currency.

History of the Dollar

Is this history repeating itself?

  al's left peg 23:56 03 Dec 2011

romanby 1

Would it be such a problem if we fell in line with the German way of thinking, and indeed doing things?

Most people straight away get the "little Englander" head on and say we are better than everybody in the world. I don't think that's true anymore.

My Grandfather fought in the 2nd world war and my Great Grandfather died at Ypres in the 1st world war. I don't think either of them fought to see this country for what it is today, The Germans have better incomes, better holidays, a better standard of living in general than us. So maybe, just maybe they have a better way of running things than this rabble in charge at the moment, and the rabble that went before.

  Autoschediastic 01:35 04 Dec 2011

Can u remember buying or looking at the old half a pence? or even further back.? i can remember when the half a pence was phased out! back in the V eary 80's, That coin was a kinda "Keepsave" something we wont see again...& soon to be will be the Euro! its over expensive! its almost pulled countries to their knees...apart from the fact it can be used in all Euro cities..was it REALLY any good.?

When i was repping in Spain just before the Euro came out they was using the good old "peseta" i had clients that would come with around £400 for their fortnight holiday!

THEN when the Euro kicked in they had to have an allowance of £650+...i remember one client telling me he had to spend some nights in the caravan as he simply couldnt afford and hadn't planned for the huge price increase...So where is it any good.? apart from governments that support it...NO WHERE! it was it is and it will ALWAYS be crap! good riddance...again the working class pay more...

  zzzz999 06:59 04 Dec 2011

The Euro has been a great boon to Germany and France. The Deutchmark and the Franc would be very strong currencies right now, damaging both countries abilities to compete globally. Being part of a Euro that does not reflect either countries individual strength has allowed Germany and France to retain competitive edges.

  morddwyd 07:35 04 Dec 2011

There has been a lot of nonsense posted on this forum from time to time (including some by me!) but this thread is on track to take the 2011 prize for utter tosh (not the original post and intent, I hasten to add)!

  Autoschediastic 07:57 04 Dec 2011

morddwyd they are only people's opinions...dont take it too heart! have a cuppa & some toast and feed the birds..& enjoy the day dont start it off in a negative way.? its bad Karma...

  robgf 09:20 04 Dec 2011

I have said for ages that the Euro currency wouldn't work, because there was no adjustments for different countries economic strengths.

It would work if Brussels took full control and imposed a strict regime, setting tax and spending rates for each country. National governments would be reduced to local authority levels and armed forces amalgamated into one euro army used to enforce policies and defend the euro zone.

At the moment we have a mishmash of systems that conflict with each other and seriously unbalanced economic strengths, where the best answer is for countries to revalue under their own currencies. And reduce the euro zone to the trading partnership we originally voted for.

Although Brussels is trying to implement emergency measures to control countries, so we may go down the oppressive regime route.

Whatever they bodge up, I just hope the system doesn't collapse completely, I shall be extremely annoyed if my savings become worthless.

  morddwyd 09:46 04 Dec 2011

"its bad Karma."

Don't you come to me with your heathen and outlandish ways, particularly on a Sunday.

I am a God fearing Christian gent I'll have you know!

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