Jackie Smith - Thank You or Good Riddance

  bremner 17:21 02 Jun 2009

Was Jackie Smith completely out of her depth and the worst Home Secretary we have endured for decades or did she do a good job.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:33 02 Jun 2009

IMHO Pol Pot would have been better.


  jack 17:45 02 Jun 2009

And that is toward her personally - not the job
The home Office job is an impossible department to run- the incumbent will always come in for flack at one level or another.

  tein 18:05 02 Jun 2009

Now the other one should go!!

  sunnystaines 18:19 02 Jun 2009

after brown probably the most unpopular MP of this gov't.

has she gone to make way for darling.

  tein 18:40 02 Jun 2009

fourm member

I am not sure its about "making any difference"

I think its more about betrayal on a HUGE scale!

We have looked upto these people for many a year & they are VERY quick to claim our tax of us or chase any overpayment/s back setting a example of A fine financial discipline so for the very people that govern these rules to be caught out themselves for i suppose gross misconduct financialy is a serious dissapointment from them!

  egapup 19:18 02 Jun 2009

"Jackie Smith - Thank You or Good Riddance"
Good riddance, why did it take so long?

  jakimo 19:27 02 Jun 2009


  TonyV 19:55 02 Jun 2009

She'll still get a bucket full of cash in twelve months time when she actually leaves her position as an MP. That's why most are saying they will not stand at the next election because they get paid a fortune to hang on. If they make their mind up to go, then why hang on? Surely they can no longer be that interested in the job knowing that they are going with the pension increase and re-location expenses or whatever it is called.

How many people do you know who are made redundant who get a load of cash because they have to re-settle somewhere else?, Pigs, troughs and pocket lining springs to mind.


  oresome 20:02 02 Jun 2009

How many people do you know who are made redundant who get a load of cash because they have to re-settle somewhere else?

Virtually every employee is entitled to redundancy money.............perhaps not as generous as the MP's scheme, granted.

  TonyV 20:10 02 Jun 2009

Yes, I accept that that is the case, but not in the amount that these people have awarded themselves. Indeed, it is only after a few years "service" that they are getting such sums. In any event, these people are not really being made redundant, they are standing down of their own volition, albeit with a little shove from their constituency members or party leaders! Let's face it if they were sacked, would they still get the money?


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