Is J K Rowling wasting £1 million?

  john bunyan 12:15 12 Jun 2014

I wonder if this gesture will generate more help for the "Yes" than the "No" campaign - already the knives are out from the "English haters"....

£1 million

  fourm member 12:48 12 Jun 2014

I fully accept that those idiots who took to social media to make obscene comments about Rowling are a tiny minority but I wasn't aware of any similar reaction when the Weirs took on 80% of the funding for the Yes campaign.

There were newspaper articles criticising their naivety but nothing like the Twitter abuse that Rowling got, yesterday.

To all those who bleat about support for the union driving people towards 'yes' I'd say that, minority though they be, seeing the true nature of some of the extreme nationalists is likely to make some people decide that they'd rather things stay as they are.

  fourm member 18:07 12 Jun 2014


'I don't think they will care if slightly worse or better off will come into it.'

Happily, you are completely wrong about that.

All the sampling suggests that as little as £500 better off to £500 worse off would be enough to sway the vote for a fair number of people.

The economic case for independence has been shown to be based on ridiculous assumptions and there is clear agreement that there will be costs to setting up an independent Scotland. Enough people will be put off by those costs to ensure there is a 'No' vote.

It's worth reading what Rowling had to say about her donation. She's very balanced and fair and one of her points is that 'Salmond’s ambition is outstripping his reach'

  fourm member 18:20 12 Jun 2014


'..and with England having the likes of BNP and EDL, and UKIP (although a minority as well, of course!!) then perhaps your argument might be reversed as a good reason for 'Yes'??'

Clutching at straws somewhat.

When I last checked, there was free movement from Northumberland into Scotland so there is no barrier to the BNP etc. If those organisations were going to make progress in Scotland they would have done it by now.

Rowling argues that there is a lack of reality about the issues involved in forming a new country. I'm still waiting for someone to explain how I am supposed to go to a foreign country to do my supermarket shopping. And I still don't know how the cost of a stamp can be kept the same when EU rules say the cost would have to be the same for a letter from Scotland to France as it would be for Scotland to England.

I'm also still waiting for Salmond to condemn the attacks made on Rowling and distance himself from the extreme nationalists who were responsible for them.

  john bunyan 19:18 12 Jun 2014

Jock 1e

Of course not all "yes" voters are "English haters". However that Nicola Sturgeon comes across as one, for sure. I favour devolution including more control over taxation etc,and I understand the resentment some have for the "Posh boys" at Westminster, but that is a temporary situation - the UK has had Scots PM's.

My main concern is in the military and intelligence areas where our Armed Forces and Intelligence (MI5, MI6 and GCHQ) communities are, for sure "Better Together", as is the BBC, Met Office and a range of other things.

I will be sad if the vote is for a split.

  morddwyd 19:20 12 Jun 2014

"I only only ever heard of a luke warm condemnation by the leadership."

Then I suggest you fire up iPlayer and have a look at FMQs today.

  john bunyan 19:30 12 Jun 2014

If the vote is "No" , will Salmond et al resign? Or will he hang on, like Blatter?

"For many people I think it's a matter of being a sovereign nation, in control of it's own affairs. Scots have always been in the forefront of education, engineering, even politics"

I fully agree - and we need them in the UK.

  morddwyd 19:32 12 Jun 2014

"Of course not all "yes" voters are "English haters". However that Nicola Sturgeon comes across as one, for sure."

A bit unfair. She is not just a "yes" voter, but a long term member of the SNP whose whole raison d'etre is a break with England.

Had you seen my local news tonight you would have seen English people vowing to vote "Yes".

The trouble is that there is, as in this thread, far too much emphasis on whether Scotland would be "better off" rather than just"better". It's shouldn't be just about money.

When the Irish set up their own state they didn't prat around with currency and defence, they just went ahead and did it (though their "punt" did keep parity with sterling for decades). They might not be "better off" but I doubt if any of them regret that decision.

  Mr Mistoffelees 20:39 12 Jun 2014

I think J K Rowling's spending will very soon be forgotten and have little or no influence on the final vote.

  fourm member 08:33 13 Jun 2014


'as polls seem to be narrow'

I think you're a bit behind the times. This timeline shows that, after a brief narrowing, the divide between Yes' & 'No' is increasing. And a lot of that is because of a fall in 'Yes' support since the beginning of the year.

'At the risk of seeming flippant, you could always move to that foreign country if your supermarket shop is so vital to your existence!!'

Nothing flippant about it. That's precisely the attitude the people abusing JKR were demonstrating.

My point is that the 'yes' campaign has been full of grand visions but completely lacking in any practical information of how independence would work. And Salmond's default response to anyone questioning the detail is to try and ridicule them.

  fourm member 08:59 13 Jun 2014


I take it you were being ironic? I skipped through the iPlayer of FMQs for 12th June and searched the official transcript and the word Rowling appears only once and that from Johann Lamont.

What I did notice was that a 30 minute session was made up of about 25 minutes of Salmond trying to support an adviser by arguing that when the adviser spread lies about someone that was not the same thing as someone on Twitter spreading lies about someone.

If the First Minister has got nothing better to do than try and wriggle out of a problem caused by the sort of nasty people he keeps around him I can't see much hope for Scotland's problems being addressed.

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