I've waved goodbye to Green Flag

  oresome 14:45 08 Aug 2018

Despite having never called them out, the annual premium for breakdown cover has risen from £60 last year to £92 from this Sept.

I'd have driven this price down no doubt but it's duplicate cover as the new car purchased in May comes with 3 years RAC cover.

My daughter has experienced a similar percentage increase with pet insurance, despite no claims on the policy and the puppy now an adult and less susceptible to illnesses and accidents I'd have thought.

Nevertheless she wasn't able to negotiate a lower premium with Direct Line without lowering the cover and has changed insurer.

  BT 17:42 08 Aug 2018

I changed my house insurance from Saga to Tesco 2 years ago. Tesco gave me around half the Saga premium and didn't put it up hardly anything the second year. My Saga Car insurance has risen a small amount each year but is still reasonable at the moment. Pet insurance goes up regularly but as Kitty is getting old (he's 14) its hard to get it any cheaper.

My breakdown insurance comes as an inclusion with my Nissan annual service.

  martd7 18:00 08 Aug 2018

For car breakdown cover I use Rescue My Car.com,£32 a year,been with them 3years, called them out once and my premium is the same as it was 3years ago,full cover other than travelling abroad which you can pay extra for if required

  hastelloy 18:12 08 Aug 2018

I've just looked at Rescue my car and for almost the same cover I get with Auto Aid they want £48.25 as against Auto Aid's £48.31 (for a new user). The difference is that Auto Aid cover myself and my wife in any vehicle.

  bumpkin 18:41 08 Aug 2018

Do these cheap breakdown prices include recovery to your home or chosen garage.

  Matt. 19:18 08 Aug 2018

I have Axa Breakdown cover, this includes breakdown cover with recovery to any address (if can't be repaired promptly) and home start. Cost me £52.00.

  bumpkin 21:08 08 Aug 2018

Matt, sounds a good deal but have you had to use them. I pay a lot more for RAC but they have their own vehicles and don't sub it out to all and sundry. I once waited 2hrs for recovery off a motorway even after the police had said it was a dangerous position. That was a cheap one included with my insurance for a bit extra.

  hastelloy 07:38 09 Aug 2018

Do these cheap breakdown prices include recovery to your home or chosen garage.

Auto Aid does. I've used them three times and they are very good.

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