I've just become a grandfather

  WhiteTruckMan 19:39 27 Nov 2008

No 1 daughter presented an as yet unnamed 7lb 10oz baby boy to the world at leeds general infirmary at 10 am this morning. Both doing well and have gone home at the mothers choice.


  newman35 19:49 27 Nov 2008

Congrats, the best thing in the world, a grandchild!!

  Condom 19:49 27 Nov 2008

Congratulations to all. Keep your wallet handy from now on!!

  recap 19:51 27 Nov 2008

Congratulations WTM

  Eargasm 19:51 27 Nov 2008

Congratulations WTM

How about Bruce or Jimi for the naming ?

Bruce Lee and Jimi Hendrix were born on this day.

  Noels 20:06 27 Nov 2008

Grandfather C*******s will have think what to get for the little man. If its any help I was born on 23rd December an my dad bought me a train set for him to play with!
All the best to you and all the family

  laurie53 20:10 27 Nov 2008

Poor little mite.

All the mean b*****s in the family will only buy one combined birthday and December present for the rest of his life - I know - my birthday's in January!


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:30 27 Nov 2008


All the fun and less responsibility, this is where you get your own back, spoil the kid rotten get him over excited and then hand him back to mum and dad to deal with.


  flyboy 20:30 27 Nov 2008

Congratulations to you and Family.

  sunnystaines 20:36 27 Nov 2008


still waiting this end for my daughter to get married.

  peter99co 20:57 27 Nov 2008

Grandchildren are best. You can hand them back to Mum when you have had them with you for a day out.

laurie53 A lot of Capricorns agree with you.

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