I've had several phone calls from Advance Support

  Armchair 10:03 16 Feb 2011

They tell me that my PC is clogged up with viruses and spyware, and if I switch on my PC and connect to the internet, they will be able to do something about it. Sounds like an Indian/Pakistani bloke on the other end. ANyone else getting these calls?

  Armchair 10:11 16 Feb 2011

Thanks, I'll have a search for other topics now. No way I'd give them access to anything. How did they get my telephone number, though?

  Armchair 10:25 16 Feb 2011

I've found a relevant topic

click here

I hope plenty of other people getting these calls see my topic here.

  Armchair 11:24 16 Feb 2011

I think that if they phone me again, I'll just tell them that I don't own a computer, and maybe they'll cross me off their list.

  AroundAgain 12:45 16 Feb 2011

I had two calls recently, saying I had problems on PC. I just acted really stupid (not difficult), maintained I didn't understand what he was saying, then 'why keep talking about my windows. How can you see they're dirty from there?'; 'Surfing? Not in this cold weather, besides, too old'. Was I the main user - yes. What did I do on PC? 'switched it on, switched it off'

After a bit of this, he clearly got fed up and he hung up

Next day, another call, same 'stupid' answers, told to go to switch pc on, so just put the phone to one side. End of ...

I listened to the Bob Servant series!! Brilliant

  Forum Editor 18:17 16 Feb 2011

Just replace the handset without saying a word.

  carver 21:10 16 Feb 2011

Thank you for that link, it's really cheered me up tonight.

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