I've been robbed

  Legolas 21:54 29 Nov 2011

I was paid today so I was checking my bank account this morning and noticed a payment that I did not authorise, £171.20 to the Travelodge website, I have never been in a travelodge in my life so I was straight on the phone to my bank HBOS,they informed me that I had two transactions not yet authorised one for over £400 for plane tickets to Morocco and one for £300. Needless to say they were instantly cancelled and the £171.20 was returned to my account. The card was cancelled and I have spent the night formatting my computer. I have no idea how they got a hold of my details but suddenly I am much more careful about using my card online. Not a pleasant expeprience

  Autoschediastic 07:52 30 Nov 2011

Legolas Scum of the earth aint they! why dont they use their hacking knowledge in a positive way?

i do feel so sorry for you although you've had the money put back in its the point and principle! scan ur pc in the future with "malwarebytes" ive used it for many a year & its 100% trusted here is the link: Prog Here Its FREE!

i guess IF the person who did this bought some flight tickets they would be very easy for the police to track down!

  Legolas 08:36 30 Nov 2011

Autoschediastic unfortuneatly the tickets were for a flight to Morocco so I fear the bird has flown. I have the latest Norton installed thanks to PC Advisor but something must have slipped through. A lesson learned....hopefully.

  Crosstrainer2 08:52 30 Nov 2011


Sorry to hear that, even the most careful of users can be caught out. Banks are good about this type of thing, and it might not even have been your PC that was hacked.

Many years ago shortly after my wife died, I was living in a house divided into 3 flats. The post all came through the front door, so was accessible by all residents.

We had a chap move in downstairs who was trouble from day one.....Noise, damage etc. He went through the post, got some of my bank details and applied for a loan in his name.

The sharp eyed people at my bank spotted it and contacted me. I'm glad this hasn't left you out of pocket.

  interzone55 08:57 30 Nov 2011

Is this a card you only use for online payments?

If not then it's far more likely the card details were taken in somewhere like a petrol station

  Autoschediastic 08:58 30 Nov 2011

Legolas yea its worrying isnt it! one of my best friends who's used pc's since the days of ZX Spectrums who i would class as very experienced in computing got a virus last week, it was one where he even called me to ask for ideas how to get rid of the damn thing, he had used every bit of software like McCafee and malwarebytes also windows security progs and NONE of them got rid of this virus?

He went into safe mode & it still was there on normal boot? he also restored his pc to a few days earlier..still the same? ive never come into anything like this before he sent me a screenshot from his mobile & it was stating that he had been exposed for looking at child porn & that "They" the creators of the virus would delete the virus "IF" he paid $100 to the link provided? (Cheeky sob's) basically his pc froze on boot and had this Bold text all over his desktop...now he did get rid of it in the end via a Format just to be safe, i wonder how many people who have little or no knowledge of PC's have paid these scumbags?

I said i think it was what is known as a "Boot time virus" ive not heard of one of them for years...

  proudfoot 12:46 30 Nov 2011

I recently was staying at a hotel in Northumberland and the same day as I paid the account 2 London Congestion charges and a ticket for a flight on SwissAir were put on my credit card account. Thankfully the following day when I had returned home I received a phone call from my credit card compamy asking if they were genuine. They must have made investigations and the sums were credited back to my account within about 14 days.

  interzone55 13:26 30 Nov 2011

My card was cloned once, either at a petrol station or ATM.

First I knew about it was when my bank phoned to ask if I'd just bought an iPhone case from O2 in the Manchester Arndale Centre.

No I haven't says I. That's what we thought, we just wondered how you could be in Rochdale and Manchester at almost the same time.

Seems that I'd paid for something in Rochdale, and a roughly the same time someone had used the cloned card in Manchester, and because they were both Cardholder present transactions (ie at a till and PIN used) the First Direct computer immediately spotted the problem and they phoned me up.

As transactions have to be supported by either a PIN or the three digit code from the back of the card, it's increasingly difficult for fraudsters to operate unless they've either grabbed the PIN (little cameras placed on ATMs or above a chip & pin machine) or seen the security number on the back of the card (check if shop staff turn your card over, or peer at the Chip & Pin machine).

The other method is when you buy online through a compromised web-site that grabs both your card number and security number. When buying online check that the site is secure (site address is HTTPS:// etc) and ideally you should get bounced to the Visa or Mastercard security page to verify the card.

Of course a virus could be used to log key strokes, but it takes quite a bit of work to isolate a card number, expiry date and security number out of a key stream. It's much easier to use low paid shop & petrol station staff to do the job for you.

  Legolas 13:52 30 Nov 2011

I have looked at the what I have bought over the last month and where, if online or in retail outlets and it all is more or less the usual ones, except for a cash machine at a Branch of Bank of Scotland that I normally don't use and a cash machine at the local Morrison’s also which I have never used before. I suppose I will never know just have to be extra careful in the future. I was impressed with my bank who refunded the £171.20 within half an hour of me contacting them and hadn't authorised the other two transactions because they thought they were suspect.

  Legolas 13:55 30 Nov 2011

Sorry alan14 meant to answer your query. This is my main bank account debit card which I use all the time to pay for goods in retail outlets, online and to withdraw cash.

  bremner 14:09 30 Nov 2011


I am with alan14, cloning or obtaining the pin number during a retail transaction is by far the most likely explanation.

Mt wife's card was done in a petrol station 4 or 5 years ago.

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