I've been asked to turn on the lights

  Graham. 08:25 06 Dec 2008

of my car when it's raining.

  BT 08:37 06 Dec 2008

So what's the problem?

  Forum Editor 08:40 06 Dec 2008

to turn on your car's sidelights in rainy conditions. When it's raining light levels are often much lower, and running with lights on is a useful safety measure.

  Graham. 08:42 06 Dec 2008


  Pine Man 08:55 06 Dec 2008


  wiz-king 09:06 06 Dec 2008

If it's by 'she who must be obeyed' then you had better do it.

  tullie 09:10 06 Dec 2008

Wouldent have thought an experienced driver would need to ask,side lights when its a bit murky and headlights when its bad,but its,i suppose, a matter of judgement by individual drivers.Theres nothing worse,i think,than a driver with headlights on in broad daylight.

  Quickbeam 09:15 06 Dec 2008

You don't get an electricity bill for running car lights.
Cars can blend into the murk of winter grey with great effectiveness.
They make the speed of your vehicle easier to judge for cars waiting to come out of junctions.
'Side lights' are more correctly termed 'parking lights'... that would be for parking an unattended vehicle, not driving it.

It'll be a good day when all cars come with automatic illumination for the drivers that are embarrassed to be seen with lights on.

  Quickbeam 09:17 06 Dec 2008

"Theres nothing worse,i think,than a driver with headlights on in broad daylight."
Much better that than the thousands that haven't the brains to put them on thick fog because they can see OK...

  Switcher 09:17 06 Dec 2008

It will be compulsory soon to have daylight running lights as per Volvo n all new cars.

  Quickbeam 09:23 06 Dec 2008

Do you have a link?

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