ITVs Primeval gets the Chop

  jakimo 13:18 15 Jun 2009

ITV claim the cost of the computer created creatures was costing to much,pity as it was a successful program

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  dagnammit 13:20 15 Jun 2009

Never watched it.

  lofty29 16:25 15 Jun 2009

Although many people regard it as rubbish, I greatly enjoyed it and will miss it, they will probably replace it with yet more junk reality or game shows. When you look at TV now so much is either soaps or dross.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:35 15 Jun 2009

I watched most of the series in the vain hope that it would improve but it was truly dire. The script seemed to be written by a children's co-operative on a wet afternoon in Cleckhuddersfax (the same one that writes Robin Hood). No great loss.


  laurie53 20:13 15 Jun 2009

"I watched most of the series in the vain hope that it would improve"

Well, well!

I would never have had you down as an incurable optimist!

  canarieslover 20:28 15 Jun 2009

Anyone who would fight a Balrog has to be an incurable optimist. I would have thought Primeval rather tame after that!!!

  Legolas 20:32 15 Jun 2009

You are certainly more of an optimist than me, I normally like this type of science-fiction/fantasy stuff, but after a couple of views I couldn't stand the bad acting and poor scripts any more, no loss in my opinion

  Forum Editor 20:58 15 Jun 2009

it was a toss up between Primeval and Robin Hood as to which programme received the 'biggest insult to the audience's intelligence' award.

In the end I think it's a dead heat.

  Legolas 21:34 15 Jun 2009

Ah now you have mentioned it, RH was truly terrible

  BT 08:12 16 Jun 2009

We gave up watching it halfway through the first series.
The historical inaccuracies were horrendous.
In one episode set in a gambling room, it was lit by what appeared to be a rectangular arrangement of pipework with GAS JETS, hundreds of years before gas was 'invented'
In another young lads were using catapults with RUBBER fitments...
And the obvious evidence of BRA STRAPS through the womens clothing....

  Grey Goo 08:54 16 Jun 2009

You forget the State School system probably taught these scriptwriters History, either that or it was thought more "progressive" to screw around with an already semi ficticious character and create this pantomime. Come back Richard Greene.

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