ITV and BBC World Cup coverage

  Armchair 11:02 13 Jun 2010

I noticed that the picture quality on BBC1 is far better than that on ITV for these matches. I don't have access to HD channels. I'm talking about the regular Freeview screenings. Apparently (can anyone confirm this?), ITV broadcasts at a lower bitrate (25% lower) than the BBC.

Whatever the reason, I wish the BBC were showing all the matches.

  bremner 11:05 13 Jun 2010

It should be BBC and Sky, each showing all the games.

ITV should only be allowed reality TV amd soap operas.

  mark2 11:08 13 Jun 2010

have watched 2 matches online, the BBC offering showed no buffering, however the ITV offering seemed to be constantly reloading, perhaps many more were watching england online which lead to overloading of the network ?

  Cymro. 11:10 13 Jun 2010

Mind you Skys programs are only much the same.

  bremner 11:12 13 Jun 2010

Agreed but Sky Sports has truly raisd the bar over the last few years. BBC is not far behind but ITV is crawling in the mud.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:31 13 Jun 2010

As well as a better picture the BBC also seems to have filtered out that "swarm of bees" :0)

  dagbladet 11:33 13 Jun 2010

I'm just pleased that all of the matches are available on terrestrial channels.

No doubt if Sky had outbid for the coverage their would be great gnashings of teeth. Mistakes will be made whether by players (not just keepers) or the broadcasters ("what does this button do?").

It's nice to find something to whinge about though eh?

  Armchair 11:59 13 Jun 2010

The picture quality issue isn't a mistake. All the matches ITV screen will look similarly dreadful. They won't try to rectify it.

  dagbladet 12:02 13 Jun 2010

Mine seems equally clear on either side. That's through a standard aerial via cheap digi-box about 20 miles from the Crystal Palace transmitter.

"They won't try to rectify it."

Have you asked them?

  bremner 12:04 13 Jun 2010

"It's nice to find something to whinge about though eh?"

I was watching on ITV HD so I do have grounds to complain I think.

  dagbladet 12:13 13 Jun 2010

Well crack on then. Give 'em hell. Won't change anything but get it off your chest.

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