It's that time again.

  Forum Editor 17:54 26 Nov 2009

As of midnight tonight the C*******s embargo is lifted, so feel free to discuss to your heart's content.

(excuse my flagrant disregard of the 'no asterisks' rule.)

  Monoux 18:15 26 Nov 2009

One rule for 'them' and one for us :o)

  Forum Editor 18:18 26 Nov 2009

Sorry about that, but if I had posted the word in full you would no doubt have made the same comment.

  Monoux 18:21 26 Nov 2009

F.E. Certainly would hence the 'smiley'

  Forum Editor 18:41 26 Nov 2009

I'll try to do better - remind me that I said so.

  AL47 19:02 26 Nov 2009

i saw the first xmas lights up today :/ one month to go! and its over!!

  morddwyd 20:00 26 Nov 2009

Not just a blatant use of asterisks, but a blatant disregard of the 1 December deadline too.

O Tempora O Mores. Standards going to hell in a hand basket all over!

  Forum Editor 20:21 26 Nov 2009

Blatant disregard?

My excuse is that on 10th November I said, in a thread on the subject:-

"It reached ridiculous proportions, and so I introduced a ban on all Christmas wishes threads before the 25th November."

Shall we agree that it's probably OK to let loose the reindeer now?

  Monoux 21:30 26 Nov 2009

F.E. Double whammy -- you've used THE word in full word midnight Tut Tut

  Monoux 21:31 26 Nov 2009

Error Error -should have read

F.E. Double whammy -- you've used THE word in full before midnight too -- Tut Tut

  Input Overload 22:34 26 Nov 2009

I think recession just been to Tesco, people are stocking up for what looks like a 100 year siege.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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