It's snowing again!

  WhiteTruckMan 08:09 04 Mar 2012

I've just looked out of my window and its snowing.

Who ordered this?


  badgery 08:14 04 Mar 2012

"Who ordered this?"

I admit it, 'twas me.

Signed, Father Christmas.

  Quickbeam 08:34 04 Mar 2012

Not me, I'm happy with the once in 30 years fall that grinds us to a halt for week, then back to normal for another 30 years.

Only 28 years more to go.

  morddwyd 08:45 04 Mar 2012

Never mind.

Summer Time officially starts at the end of the month!

  WhiteTruckMan 08:52 04 Mar 2012

Summer time. Is that when the rain gets warmer?


  Toneman 09:05 04 Mar 2012

If you must live north of the wall,... who said there are two seasons in Scotland, June and winter...

  Aitchbee 09:14 04 Mar 2012

...never cast a cloot...till May is oot!

  Quickbeam 09:16 04 Mar 2012

I went camping in The Lakes the first week in June in '75. There were fresh heavy snowfalls on the high fells on the Saturday I went. The parents of me and a couple of friends tried to put us off. On Sunday next day, it was the start of the '75 heatwave, 80/90f everyday until late September!

  Quickbeam 09:21 04 Mar 2012

I've just checked a 1975 calendar, the snowy Saturday was 31st May, the heatwave ran from Sunday 1st June until what seemed like almost Christmas. The best year ever for me:)

  Brumas 09:23 04 Mar 2012

Could Murdoch have brought out 'The Snow on Sunday' a new Periodical!

I'll get my coat....

  HondaMan 09:37 04 Mar 2012

"Summer time. Is that when the rain gets warmer?"

No, it's when the snow gets wetter

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