It's Six Nations time again.

  Quickbeam 00:31 07 Feb 2009

Well England are fraught with injuries and I'm sure that will be over used as an excuse as we're not particularly on form at all, but I'll be at some of them whatever.

So it looks like the Taffs (am I allowed to be that racist?) are in good fettle , and therefore wish any Taffs good luck... it's the only goodwill you'll get from me 'til it's over;)

Just so long as you don't let the accursed the Frogs don't win...

  Quickbeam 00:33 07 Feb 2009

'Just so long as you don't let the accursed the Frogs win'... just got back from the rugby club:)

  Si_L 01:29 07 Feb 2009

I'm gonna put my money on Wales defending it, and I dare anyone to suggest otherwise!

  crosstrainer 07:49 07 Feb 2009

I;m not arguing with you I'm Welsh :)) BUT....Every time we are made favourites, we seem to under perform, resulting in a "Boom and bust" mentality.

We should win, I hope we do, and also that the game isn't turned into a mess by the weather.

  laurie53 07:54 07 Feb 2009

Usual scenario for me.

"Anyone but England"!

  crosstrainer 08:07 07 Feb 2009

You only support two teams then? Wales, and any team playing England :))

  newman35 08:42 07 Feb 2009

I always support the team that's losing - so mainly Scotland, I have to admit.
(I think using a pointy-ended ball confuses us).

  Si_L 10:29 07 Feb 2009

Well I'm English but I don't rate their chances this time round. My smart money is on the Welsh. Anyone fancy Italy getting their first title?

  Quickbeam 10:57 07 Feb 2009


  laurie53 11:18 07 Feb 2009

You obviously have a good grasp of Welsh religion!

  crosstrainer 13:10 07 Feb 2009

Fluent :))

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