It's this site again broken as usual,someone needs

  mole1944 05:35 17 Jun 2015

For goodness sake whoever is running this site get a grip,you've changed things alienated everyone and the dam site does not work properly.Congratulations a site that was ok is now broken,remind me never ever to let you near my pc's or nas drive.

  BRYNIT 08:53 17 Jun 2015

mole1944 can do anything that is 100% perfect. No one cam nothing will be or work 100%, there will always be faults or glitches. As this site is free just take a deep breath count to 10,000 and the fault will disappear.

  BRYNIT 08:54 17 Jun 2015

It should read "mole1944 can you do anything that is 100% perfect.

  Matt Egan 11:16 17 Jun 2015

Thanks BRYNIT. Also, sorry mole1944. We are aware of just how frustrating these problems are. In this case a relatively junior developer attempted to improve something, and in doing so broke the site. Not actually his fault - our processes shouldn't have allowed it to happen. An honest mistake, now rectified.

  mole1944 06:11 18 Jun 2015

Ok have a pop at me i don't mind but why keep changing this mess up happened last site change as well,why change something if it works.I'm never ever 100% but i did in my early days write computer code so,and got a third party to test it before letting it loose into the wild,in fact my son works for a very large motor manufacturing company on the finance side and is in charge of software updates,his thoughts on your operation were priceless.

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