It's the silly season....

  Forum Editor 09:11 13 Jul 2008

and boy, is there some silliness about.

A totally reliable source has told me that a certain senior manager in a certain London local authority (no names, to protect the innocent) called his management team together last week and issued an instruction that all staff were to be told they must fill in a report form if, during the course of their office work they received a paper cut.

Apparently a person on one of the offices received a paper cut and didn't make any attempt to wash it or dress it. As a consequence she got a poor finger (her words) and took three days off. The senior manager told his team that the form filling was "in case someone sues us for negligence because we didn't train them how to handle paper".

There aren't really any words, are there? Apparently the management team fell about laughing, but the paper cut reporting forms have been printed. I hope nobody gets a cut from handling one.

  Brumas 09:17 13 Jul 2008

I suppose the 'instructions to handle paper' are going to be emailed just in case ;o))

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:36 13 Jul 2008

Had a guy a work attempt to cut his hand off with a Angle Grinder, an hour later after a trip to the hospital he was back at work finishing off the welding he had started.

Paper cuts are nasty as the cut tends to be fine and deep however it is a hazard of the job.

To cover the companies' "rear" an e-mail memo should have been sent to all staff regarding the hazard and she should have been disciplined for not :-

1. Not reporting the accident
2. Not carrying out basic first aid / hygiene
3. Not wearing the appropriate personal protective equipment (chain mail gloves?)
4. Spoiling the companies' "Loss time accident record"

That's what our HR department would do.

  namtas 09:41 13 Jul 2008

Silly or not, I am afraid we will have to get used to it and it will last for as long as the present compensation culture continues, it will continue until someone with power to change sees the true effect that it is having on all levels of society and draws a line in the sand and says enough is enough. This attitude of blame and claim which is what it is related to has a negative effect on us all and impacts on everyone either directly or indirectly. I am afraid it is one of our less welcome imports

  last starfighter 10:11 13 Jul 2008

Friend of mine used to work for the local CAB & other companies as she voluteered, she told me a few yrs ago that one of the companies she worked for used to have a big meeting & call majority of the office into a meeting room where there was tea/coffee & food for 20 mins just to arrange another meeting & to confirm with everyone they could attend..? why not email...? mind you the company was goverment run & they way they waste money .... catch my drift..?

  laurie53 10:38 13 Jul 2008

My wife used to work in a small china shop, just her and the owner, one did mornings, and one did afternoons, so hardly a retail empire.

One day they happened to be there at the same time when the local authority Environmental Health Officer was present.

The owner offered my wife a Polo mint, and was immediately told she must not do this as she would be liable to prosecution under H&S laws if my wife choked on the sweet!

My wife, who does not suffer fools (other than me!) gladly told him that all was in order as her husband was a H&S officer and had carried out a risk assessment and that she had been given the appropriate training and the owner was a trained first aider who could carry out the Heimlich (?) manouevre.

  Brumas 10:58 13 Jul 2008

I like :o)

  spuds 12:00 13 Jul 2008

One thing that I have noticed, is the increase of loose flap sellotaped envelopes, from the likes of councils and NHS hospitals.

Beginning to make me wonder, whether someone as cut their tongue or picked up a glue disease or nasty taste when licking the envelope?.

I wonder if its cheaper and better to use self sealing adhesive envelopes?.

  spuds 12:03 13 Jul 2008

Forgot to mention, hasn't that London local authority heard of Kevlar gloves ;o)

  ronalddonald 16:32 13 Jul 2008

health and safety gone too far?

Ive had loads of paper cuts do i complain, no i just get on with it.

We are becomming to much of a nany state.

  mrwoowoo 18:13 13 Jul 2008

As i work in a paper mill,i have had dozens and dozens of them.The few i bother to stick a plaster on are the ones where you keep getting cut repeatedly in the same place,usually minutes apart due to repitition.(ouch)
Once,whilst changing a cicular knife blade,i got a metal splinter in my finger,which i pulled out and then ignored.I ended up with blood poisoning,with big red streaks going right up under my arm.A course of anti biotics sorted it and i didn't have any time off work.
Would i report it in the future? no.
Does anyone in our factory file a report or attend first aid for a paper cut? no.
Are we supposed to? yes.
It's just to cover themselves in case of a claim.

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