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It's pricey but I think It's worth it? - Yes

  powerless 00:14 03 Oct 2004

I just Installed Windows XP in 10 minutes. It takes that installed XP 10 seconds to boot. Oh and about 5 seconds to shutdown. This XP is special, i can mess about with it, play with the registry, fill it with applications - to test, break it and fix it, break it some more and you name it IT can do it.

..And then at the click of a button i can restore it's state to how it was EXACTLY as it was when XP was first installed.

I'm not talking about system restore or imagaing software. I'm not using sophisticated hardware, warp drive technology or using any magic what-so-ever.

I using an application to do all of this. It costs about £125 and was downloaded.

It's called:

VMware Workstation 4.5

You can read more: click here

This application is installed on my current machine and allows you to install operating systems and then applications, you can change settings, do what you want.

It's all virtually done...!

Providing you have the hardware [mainly RAM i think] it can be the same speed [if not faster] then the XP you're probably using now.

This is my app of the year!!!!

This is what it looks like with me using Firefox with the app running on XP: click here

However I didn't start with VMware I started with:

Microsoft Virtual PC 2004

Read more: click here

It's cheaper but I found it to be SLOW and very slow compared with VMware. Admitedly I was using an unsupported operating system [XP Home].

Both of the applications have trials.

Powerless Impressed Punter.

  Forum Editor 00:49 03 Oct 2004

and I agree that it's an excellent application for systems administrators or developers.

Not really something that the average home user either needs or wants though.

  Forum Editor 19:26 05 Oct 2004

You can live without it, I assure you.

  powerless 20:49 05 Oct 2004

Trial it.

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