It's PCC election day today!

  WhiteTruckMan 09:43 15 Nov 2012

Wow! (yawn). Certainly one of the most low key elections that I can recall in this country. The media dont seem to be giving it much attention. I can't help but wonder if that is cause or effect.

And I still dont knbow if I'm even going to vote, let alone who for!


  oresome 19:23 15 Nov 2012

At least this is one of the rare elections where my vote may count.

I live in a ward where the overwhelming majority normally vote for one party at election time regardless of how they've performed in the past or what they promise.

I suspect this election would be no different and be decided on party lines if the electorate could be bothered to vote, which they can't.

  spuds 20:17 15 Nov 2012

According to some media reports, they were expecting less than 18% turnout, but no doubt this will be confirmed as true or not after the votes are counted. My own local voting station at 1.30pm had done very little business doing the morning, perhaps things will pick up before 10.00pm when the polling station closes?.

One thing I find interesting is the way the message is being pushed of how the elected PCC will be accountable to the public. The way I understand is that a 'new' Police and Crime Panel will have the final say on any changes or decisions being made. This panel will consist of representatives from local authorities within the PCC area. The public will have no say, as to who these representatives will be, so looking at the previous Police Authority panel, there is likely to very little change, especially were local politics might become involved?.

  WhiteTruckMan 22:09 15 Nov 2012

Well the polls are now closed, all thats left is the count.

I've got this strange feeling that wont take very long at all.


And yes, I did decide to cast a ballot.

  flycatcher1 22:31 15 Nov 2012

Only twenty voters at 1100 this morning. I fear that the very low vote will slant the result with unknown consequences.

Live and learn as my Granny used to say - but will they?

  johndrew 10:07 15 Nov 2012

Given the amount of effort made by candidates in this area to advertise themselves - a single flyer for only one - it would appear they also consider it 'low key'. Hardly surprising the media are giving it as much attention as I shall!!

  flycatcher1 10:21 15 Nov 2012

In the past many people struggled to give the common person the right to vote. I am a little concerned about the election of Police Commissioners but, when we hear about mis-doing in the higher echelon of Police Management, I think that a change could be beneficial.

For this reason I am going to vote even though the information about our candidates is hard to find.

  caccy 10:42 15 Nov 2012

I'll vote because it is my right to do so. But I do agree that it has been very low key especially in this area.

  canarieslover 10:45 15 Nov 2012

Total lack of candidate information in my area. I intend to go along and spoil my vote with a comment to express my disappointment in the lack of enthusiasm shown by any of them.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:59 15 Nov 2012


I have to say that spoiling your vote is really a pointless exercise. In my own experience I (along with all the other candidates) was given the opportunity to examine spoiled votes. And a pretty sad looking pile they were too, mainly consisting of semi literate obscenities by people who perhaps thought they were being funny. No official notice is taken, save the number of ballots spoiled. Then they are stored away with the rest of the valid papers until the can be disposed of.

And thats it, really.


  oresome 11:30 15 Nov 2012

In the absence of any literature through the letterbox, I've downloaded and printed all the candidates election statements.

The problem is that they all make similar glib statements without any detail as to how this will be accomplished.

Cut red tape

More front line officers

Zero tolerance to knife and gun crime

Get police and local communities working together

Protect people from domestic violence and rape

At least one acknowledges that around 2000 staff need to be cut to meet the budget requirements, yet another proposes recruiting 850 special constables, while another wishes to keep the bobby on the beat, but opposes any privatisation of backroom services.

I am puzzled by the fact that the present police committee comprises 17 individuals, to be replaced by the police commissioner. There is no mention of him or her having any staff.

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