It's October still

  The Brigadier 14:16 21 Oct 2008

So why are magazines hitting the sales floor with the December issue printed on them?

  Pine Man 15:05 21 Oct 2008

Where have you been hiding?

Nearly all magazines do this nowadays.

  The Brigadier 15:18 21 Oct 2008

So does the Jan copy come out in November?
So is the magazine out of date with reviews or prices differ?

  sunny staines 15:23 21 Oct 2008

they would be better just sticking to issue numbers only and take the month off.

anyone reading the dec issue in dec would get a poor opinion of the mag as it would be out of date in the news features and any deals in the ads etc.

surprised the editors have allowed it to continue.

  oresome 15:56 21 Oct 2008

The subject has been aired dozens of times. I presume the object is to extend the shelf life of the product and is aimed at deceiving the casual purchaser.

  Condom 17:25 21 Oct 2008

Whatever it is it is certainly not for ther benefit of the regular paying customers. This has slowly been getting worse for years and nobody at PCA appears to be listening. Personally I'm thinking of stopping my subscription and moving to one of the fortnightly mags which also seem to spend more time on Computers and less talking about Cameras, Phones etc. Probably the PC now means Political Correctness now rather than Personal Computer.

  Jak_1 17:42 21 Oct 2008

The reason is so the magazines can review what's on offer for the festive period and give ideas for buying presents.

  Forum Editor 17:42 21 Oct 2008

Please tell me how the date on the cover of a magazine can possibly work to the disadvantage of the regular paying customers - how does it affect your enjoyment of a magazine?

In addition, please tell me what on earth "Probably the PC now means Political Correctness now rather than Personal Computer." has to do with anything.

As for spending less time talking about cameras and phones etc., are you suggesting that we should completely ignore these items? Both of them are digital devices that interact with computers, and both of them are items that interest large numbers of our readers.

  Pine Man 19:22 21 Oct 2008

As far as I am concerned the 'date' on the front of the magazine is totally irrelevant. What is important is the content and as far as I am concerned PCA remains one of, if not, the best magazines backed up by, definitely the best website and forum.

To hell with the date bring on the January issue!!

  bluto1 19:28 21 Oct 2008

Since this type of publishing started, I've been searching the newsagents shelves for a publication with next months horse racing results. No luck at all.

  wolfie3000 20:53 21 Oct 2008

I must admit its one of my hates as well, why do magazines do it???

Why cant they all release there magazines on the correct month, release Octobers edition on October the 1st, Decembers on December the 1st and so on.

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