It's Obviously the Pantomime Season

  morddwyd 09:07 15 Dec 2012

Flood defences failed because flood sensors were waterlogged due to heavy rain!

Now I would have thought that designers might have taken a damp operating environment into account when designing a flood sensor.

They obviously learned their engineering in a different college to me!

  Forum Editor 11:38 16 Dec 2012


I see you were a 'Nearest and dearest fan' I hope my blouse isn't included.

  lotvic 12:15 16 Dec 2012

fourm member, As you "know what happened" can you tell us why it happened before you jump to the conclusion that it wasn't a design or manufacturing fault?

And please don't start a personal tirade of insults on my abilities or my personal view of the world unless you are willing to accept the same criticisms right back at you.

  lotvic 12:59 16 Dec 2012

Typical of your style, you quote half a sentence so that it is out of context.

Thread reads as if you criticise anyone for having a personal opinion and follow it up with a barely concealed insult.

  lotvic 13:00 16 Dec 2012

above is for fourm member

  Forum Editor 13:08 16 Dec 2012


For goodness sake, calm down.

I'm not looking to enter sides in this dispute, but for the sake of clarity perhaps you would like to point out where fourm member jumps to the conclusion that the sensor failure was not a design or manufacturing fault.

Otherwise people might think that you've imagined it.

  lotvic 14:01 16 Dec 2012

FE Oh I am calm, why ever would you think otherwise?

And I've never said that fm had jumped to that conclusion... I did ask if he knew why it happened before he could jump to that conclusion.

How petty.

This is not going anywhere, so now you can placate fm and patronise me all you want, I really don't mind as it's not important, this is after all just an internet forum.

  morddwyd 17:16 16 Dec 2012

OK OK. At no time did I mean to imply that the design engineers didn't use foresight. Simply that I didn't think much of it.

That's an opinion, based only on what I know, and I am as entitled to express it, as long as it is non-libellous, as others are to reject it.

I also admit to jumping to a conclusion, based on not knowing all the facts, only those reported.

That is true for most of the time about most of the people on this forum, and about most of the subjects we discuss.

It is true of flood defences, American gun law, Jimmy Savile or Aitchbee's gardening expertise.

We live in an imperfect forum and I'm an imperfect contributor to it.

  carver 17:36 16 Dec 2012

morddywd nothing wrong with your posting at all, the flood defences worked brilliantly twice and then they got damp, who would have thought that the sensors had to be 100% water proof or that they would be working in a wet environment.

  rdave13 17:41 16 Dec 2012

We live in an imperfect forum and I'm an imperfect contributor to it., you're not alone...

  Aitchbee 17:44 16 Dec 2012

...I'll second that!

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