It's now legal to use a mobile phone whilst driving.

  Colin 20:18 14 Jun 2011

I know it isn’t, but the amount of drivers I see daily doing this makes me think it is. They’re so blatant that they either don’t know it’s illegal or don’t care. I suspect the latter. It’s not just cars or unmarked vans either as I see at least one major utility van driver a day blathering away or texting as if they don’t have a care in the world. What’s the point of regulation without enforcement?

  woodchip 20:29 14 Jun 2011

so how are you going to enforce it? I agree with your comments. but who is going to stop it. It's a pity that the public cannot do something about it

  chub_tor 20:40 14 Jun 2011

To be a litle pedantic about it your heading is correct, with the proviso that it is being used hands free. However I agree with your observation that there are numerous instances of car, van and truck drivers all holding a phone to their ear as they drive. And Woodchip is right, how do you police it on a large scale? Once upon a time it was acceptable practise to drive without wearing a seat belt and also to have several drinks before driving but national campaigns on TV, newspapers, bill boards etc. made it socially unacceptable to do so. We need a similar campaign for hand held mobile phones in vehicles.

  Strawballs 22:44 14 Jun 2011

It needs the police to have a blitz on it for a while and push then through the courts, it's only when they start getting hit in the pocket do ignorant people like this start to take notice.

  Forum Editor 23:04 14 Jun 2011

"how do you police it on a large scale?"

In 2006, there were 170,000 convictions for driving while using a mobile phone. The following year over 185,000 motorists were prosecuted. The likelihood is that millions of drivers get away with it however, because Police must catch you in the act of using the phone.

Of course the real answer to the problem is to ban the use of phones in moving vehicles altogether. If this was to happen the world wouldn't come to an end, and a lot of people would avoid being injured or killed in phone-related traffic accidents.

  Colonel Graham 23:28 14 Jun 2011

I sound my warning instrument if I see it. Maybe the other person will think there has been a near miss.

Is this the way forward?

  Forum Editor 23:52 14 Jun 2011

Colonel Graham

"Is this the way forward?"

I hardly think so - it's likely to distract an already distracted driver even more.

  Colonel Graham 00:16 15 Jun 2011

Oh, come on!

Are you saying a police siren pulling the driver over is adding to the danger?

  Kevscar1 01:39 15 Jun 2011

and of course unnecessary use of an horn is illegal so it would be your luck to be the one pulled over.

  Forum Editor 06:14 15 Jun 2011

Oh, come on!

A police siren is an entirely different thing, and in any case, no police driver would use a siren when stopping a motorist for use of a mobile phone. You've been watching too many TV cop dramas.

  BT 08:38 15 Jun 2011

This was reported in our local paper after a recent Police crackdown.

Driver using 2 Mobiles

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