Its not often I praise a company...

  babybell 10:16 05 Mar 2010

but last night my partner and I went to pick up her brand new Kia Picanto from the dealership. Its an entry level model, the cheapest you can get on the scrappage scheme and for a new car it didn't cost us a lot at all.

As the dealer was showing us where everything was on the car, he showed us this little car wash kit you get supplied with it to keep it looking nice and shiny when washing it at home. My partner made jokey remark about them washing it for us as well and to our suprise, the dealer told us that we get free car washes for life! Just bring it back to the showroom on a Saturday morning and they will wash it, for free!

I'm not sure if this is standard practice for most dealerships but it certainly is a very clever idea. They employee a couple of young lads to wash cars and everyone in the area is driving around in nice shiny Kia's.

Nice to see a bit of good old fashioned customer service!

  interzone55 10:39 05 Mar 2010

Well, you got a bit better service than I did from my local Kia dealership.

I bought a Kia Picanto about 4 years ago, when I collected it I was given the keys and told it was on the far side of the compound. As soon as I started it the fuel light popped on and 2 miles away from the dealership it ran out of fuel. Luckily I was going down hill and there was a filling station at the bottom. I phoned the dealership and pointed out that the car was supposed to be supplied with a full tank of petrol, not a full tank of air. They apologised saying the cars are only delivered with enough fuel to drive on & off the transported and are supposed to be topped up on delivery, they must have forgotten this on.
They never did reimburse me for the first tank.

I had to trade the car in after 7 months as I got a job that involved a long commute, so I thought a Diesel was needed, so I went back to the Kia dealership, as I'd been very happy with the little Picanto, so I thought I'd trade up to a diesel Rio.

At the dealership not a single person bothered getting up to great us, so I left and wandered down to the Skoda dealership and bought a Fabia instead...

  babybell 10:46 05 Mar 2010

We had a full tank of fuel in our Picanto and I discovered a free unbrella in the boot this morning as well.

As for the sales team, they were fighting over us as soon as we walked in, but in a commission based job, I wouldn't expect anything else.

  babybell 12:51 05 Mar 2010

Only if its a Kia approved garage, that said, I expect we will take it with the actual Kia dealership for the serving. Dont want to anything that might cause us to lose the 7 year warrenty! And as the car tax is only a £35 a year, we'll save on tax to pay for it.

  babybell 13:55 05 Mar 2010

Well, I could take it anywhere I liked, but I will lose the 7 year warrenty. On the same lines as using the wrong ink cartridges in your printer I suppose.

Would be interesting to see if this was against competition law though?

  OTT_B 14:06 05 Mar 2010

So far as I am aware, providing the service schedule is maintained, it doesn't matter where you get the servicing done - your warranty will stay in tact.

That said, the main agents are generally the best places to get servicing done, especially on new cars. They will have instant access to changes in service scehdules and newly released service bulletins. These are released regularly by the manufacturer and will help keep your car running properly from the outset.

  Input Overload 17:12 05 Mar 2010

As long at the garage is VAT registered & uses original or 'parts of equivalent quality' you can have it serviced where you want.

My car has it's first service on Tuesday & I thought it prudent to have it serviced at the local dealership I bought my car from. I'm glad I did as they were doing £50 (all in) off for customers who bought cars from them, which made it as cheap or cheaper than elsewhere.

  interzone55 17:28 05 Mar 2010

As others have said, competition rules now make it illegal to impose conditions on warranties that tie you to a particular dealership.

Your warranty will not be invalidated if you have the car serviced at a garage that uses parts that are equal quality to the originals.

I'm lucky in that my car is a Skoda, which is manufactured by a VW group company, so manufacturers parts are available at a huge number of dealerships.

Kia are part of the Hyundai group, so you should be fine going to any of their dealers as well...

  Input Overload 19:13 05 Mar 2010

babybell, It's good to see someone praising good service. I think we are all guilty at times of complaining when things go wrong & not praising good service. It's something I'm trying to do more.

  babybell 19:15 05 Mar 2010

That is very interesting to read, I'm sure a lot of people would stick to their dealership in fear of losing their warrenty. I'll certainly look around for a cheaper option.

  morddwyd 19:59 05 Mar 2010

"At the dealership not a single person bothered getting up to great us"

Just the sort of dealership I like.

I hate it when you're pounced on as soon as you put one foot in the door.

I normally buy some forty miles away simply because my local dealer, same franchise, never leaves you alone once you're inside.

So far he's lost three sales already.

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