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It's no joke for this comedian

  oresome 09:45 12 Dec 2018

He was asked to sign a form prior to performing which presumably removed most of his material.

The form stated: 'By signing this contract, you are agreeing to our no-tolerance policy with regards to racism, sexism, classism, ageism, ableism, homophobia, biphobia, transphobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia or anti-religion or anti-atheism.'

Laughing at ourselves is surely a healthy thing but what if it's seen as laughing at others? Are we becoming snowflakes?


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  dagbladet 11:05 12 Dec 2018

Most comedians can adapt their core material depending on the audience. Maybe this guy could have actually used this lengthy list of 'don'ts' as the basis for his routine or maybe he felt that they didn't actually want him to perform at all. It does seem a bit like hiring a string quartet for a black tie banquet and giving them all banjos.

  Old Deuteronomy 11:20 12 Dec 2018

Right, so no satire on campus? Do they all carefully avoid watching Have I got News For You?

  Cymro. 11:55 12 Dec 2018

So what's all this "snowflakes" business then? I think I have come across the frase somewhere but can't bring it to mind right now must be all this sheltered life I lead.

  wee eddie 12:50 12 Dec 2018

I back the Comedian, 100%. These Students are worshiping false Gods

  qwbos 14:22 12 Dec 2018

These moronic snowflakes seem more at home with this sort of garbage which will tick enough of their boxes to keep them happy.

Do they all carefully avoid watching Have I got News For You?

Don't most people? It's a long time since it had any satirical content. It's been more of a BBC establishment sit com for a long time now, scripted and rehearsed to within an inch of its life.

I was always surprised at Fluck and Law running out of steam just when possibly the richest vein of satire material ever to fall onto a satirists lap arrived in Downing Street. As a political weapon, Spitting Image served the labour party very well, whether deliberate or not. Sadly, that's always been the problem with most satirists. They're far more likely to see the flaws in their political opponents.

  john bunyan 15:54 12 Dec 2018

Someone at the top of the Uni should book a double act of Jim Davidson and Billy Connelly with no restrictions. If you don't want to attend, don't. I see vegans are picketing Turkey farms and having memorial services for them. Yonks ago I ran military combat survival courses - Id love to have these folks as students.

  Aitchbee 17:41 12 Dec 2018

I remember as a student back in the early 70's a charity magazine called " YGorra!" printed by Glasgow Yooni which cost about 50p. Most of the jokes inside were filthy, here are a few of the tamer ones.

Male student: ''What are you studying?'' Female student: ''Biology.''

Male student: ''Do you want to see the inside of a fly?''

Nun to monk: ''You can kiss me but don't get into the habit.''

Jordanhill College girl discussing her holidays: ''I'm off to Monaco

for the Grand Prix.'' Her friend: ''I think you'll be disappointed.

That's not how they pronounce it.''

Why was the herdswoman sacked? Because she couldn't keep her calves


Halcyon days.

  HondaMan 17:49 12 Dec 2018

Id love to have these folks as students.

No you wouldn't. They would drive you insane

  lotvic 19:57 12 Dec 2018

Crymo., Latest (modern) definition: snowflake is used to describe, in a mocking way, a person perceived as overly sensitive and fragile, someone who thinks they are unique and special.

  bumpkin 21:37 13 Dec 2018

They didn't need a comedian, they must have been laughing their heads off when writing the contract.

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