It's life Jim but not as we know it

  Dragon_Heart 02:26 16 Sep 2015

Will the blending of humans and tech see the end of the human race as we know it today ?

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  kad292 04:11 16 Sep 2015

If i could have a skeletal frame,bionic obviously,to help me run faster,leap higher and longer,not get tired so i can walk as long as possible then yes please.

"{p}eople outside what we deem to be human won't be entitled to human rights and they will be subjected to social injustices.",see no problem here then given what certain people believe anyway.

That it will transform is obvious,pacemakers have led the way in one respect so the idea that other parts could be replaced and enhanced is valid ,peoples acceptance will be of importance here,morals and ethics always become a stumbling block to such innovations.

  spuds 10:06 16 Sep 2015

No doubt about it, medical science as vastly improved over the past few years, and is even getting better by the day, with new technology and perhaps sheer determination of individuals. But all that comes as a cost, whether in research or actual provision. Usually an high cost at that, and perhaps more so on the selection process of who will receive and who will not.

Years ago, someone lost a leg and a cheap wooden stump was provided. Now £thousands are being spent on one artificial leg. The same applies to other body parts as well.

Another point, it was always the case of 'bed rest' on top of the list. Now its intense therapy, even for those who have suffered major trauma. And in a majority of cases, this might be the best thing, because 'best rest' was later found to have perhaps caused more harm than good in the long term.

So lets keep moving on, especially if its going to resolve some issues. But having said all that, isn't it a very strange world, when some people are dying daily through drinking stagnant water, and resources seem to be very limited on providing a perhaps simple solution to that!.

  Dragon_Heart 00:59 17 Sep 2015

"some people are dying daily through drinking stagnant water"

Simple solution yes Water Aid, you may have seen their TV ad's but the problem is sometimes the neighbouring village gets jealous and will destroys the well or take over the village. Yes it is a very strange world.

  spuds 09:47 17 Sep 2015

"Yes it is a very strange world." Totally agree.

I recall in 1969, being in a country that was run by the then financially richest person on this globe. Yet in the evenings, in some of the major hotels, all rooms were supplied with a bucket of 'sandy water' because of possible water restrictions. It wasn't a case of water not being there, because there was plenty, it was more of how to make this water more consumable in quantities.

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