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Its lies, and damned lies

  Anon-337855 17:56 18 Mar 2019

On Saturday 9th March my CO alarm reached its predetermined end of life. I ordered a new one on Amazon and received an Email on Monday 11th saying it had been dispatched by Royal Mail and delivery was expected between 13th and 15th. As it hadn't turned up by today -18th- I messaged the seller and received an Email back from them saying they were out of stock and my order had been placed on Back order.

So the original Email was a lie. If they were out of stock it should have been marked as such on the Amazon listing. They didn't even let me know and its marked on my order as dispatched.

  Anon-338298 22:43 18 Mar 2019

Presumably you have cancelled the order?

  Anon-337855 12:03 19 Mar 2019

Presumably you have cancelled the order?

I certainly have and asked for a refund as they suggested which presumably means they had already taken the payment. Re-ordered from Amazon directly as the original was from a 3rd party seller. Cost a couple of quid more as I had to pay P&P, but better safe than sorry. Don't like being without it. Could have gone to Homebase but searching round places like that these days isn't so easy with my sciatica, and usually costs much more with the extra stuff I inevitably end up with in my trolley.

  Anon-337855 17:37 19 Mar 2019

All sorted now

Refund processed and repaid to my Credit Card

Replacement dispatched by Amazon and due on Thursday.

  Anon-337855 17:31 20 Mar 2019

Everything back to normal now

New CO alarm arrived 1 day earlier than promised and now sitting there quietly monitoring my safety.

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