It's the Librarian's Fault

  morddwyd 06:28 02 Mar 2010

Government plans to make free wi-fi networks responsible for what is downloaded over their networks.

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I have this mental picture of hundreds of eminently respectable librarians, some of them respected academics in their own right, being prosecuted for downloading child porn.

  Quickbeam 06:33 02 Mar 2010

It's so unworkable, that they might as well abolish the internet. What? that's not possible now, well the status quo will have to do then...

  PalaeoBill 09:57 02 Mar 2010

The buck has to stop somewhere. Employers are responsible for policing the internet they provide in the work place, why not Coffee Shops, Libraries, Universites ....
The way the law works you can't be held responsible regardless, the user who finds a way around you filtering is still the ultimate abuser; so long as you take all reasonable steps to mitigate intenet abuse, which is what employers have to do, you are in the clear.
I think its a good plan.

  PalaeoBill 09:59 02 Mar 2010

Just a thought. Why not place the onus back on the Government to provide a block list for the free wi-fi routers.

  Grey Goo 10:14 02 Mar 2010

Most of our local Library computers are networked to a Central IT Department. They already filter out a load of inappropriate sites, but this does not deter some punters, mainly Eastern European, from attempting to access less wholesome material.

  PalaeoBill 17:10 02 Mar 2010

You are right up to a point, there is no direct requirement from an outside body, but there is a very real possibility of prosecution by an outside body.
Employers need to protect themselves against the actions of their employees (i.e. from vicarious liability).

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  PalaeoBill 17:11 02 Mar 2010

So there is a by default a responsibility to police.

  jack 17:16 02 Mar 2010

By the same light inappropriate phone calls
BT's or your phone providers fault.
Scam mail or 'plain brown envelope mail'
Post office fault.

Come on where would they like to stop?

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