It's half term sure enough

  SparkyJack 15:57 26 Oct 2011

How do I know?

Yesterday went to The Apple store in Blue Water ostensibly to check out an I Touch problem Not only was Blue Water chock a bloc - the Apple store was full to the gills with school children of all ages fumbling the products-

I despaired of the help Guy and Gals of their job this week-

I shall return next week.

Then on the way home on the bus- at it ground its way up the slope to road level, it slowed to an almost stop whilst sounding its horn- The driver hugged the kerb- and he called back the passengers on the near side to keep away from the windows. He had spotted children on the cliff top hurling flints down. several hit the roof with a load bang.

On arrival at the next stop [DVH Hospital] the preceding bus ten minutes ahead was at the stop with hazards going and its driver at the door of our bus shepherding his passengers on board- His bus being a victim of the barrage and ran over a large flint and wrecked a tyre.

I guess the authorities were informed - but it is a sure bet the culprits were long gone before any one arrived to sort it.

  Aitchbee 20:55 27 Oct 2011

I'm from Glasgow.I travel on buses everyday, and see the rowdiness and lack of manners perpetrated by young scalliwags, usually boys, who pile on to buses after school, some get on for free, when another boy passes his ticket from the bus to his 'friend' through a bus window.I get very upset whilst travelling at times, when this goes on.The language is would make Billy Connolly blush! (Not from me - but from the little imps!)

It used to be drunks, who were the bane of bus travellers but now it is uncontrollable, hyper, school pupils.

Something has got to be done!

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