It's a Game about Squares.

  rdave13 01:15 31 Dec 2014

Simple really. I got over level 11 easily. Then decided it was too simple for me... ahem.

Time waster for those that 'need to keep awake time' I guess.

Game about Squares.. and a few arrows to be honest.

  Pine Man 10:24 31 Dec 2014

Why do people post these bloody puzzles?

I'm up to thirteen now and every time I think I'll give it up I just have to try one more!!!

How many are there?

  Aitchbee 10:45 31 Dec 2014

I've met my nemesis at Level 4 ... [after many attempts!]

  spuds 11:35 31 Dec 2014

I bailed out at Level 3 (?)

  lotvic 11:50 31 Dec 2014

I got to Level 16, where I'm stuck. Might have another play later ;) It's a bit like those plastic squares games 4x4 tiles with one missing that I used to play with in my long distant childhood.

  bumpkin 12:42 31 Dec 2014

It's a bit of fun, reminded me also of those little square plastic toy things. Hope it saves at the level reached, I would not like to start again every time.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:50 31 Dec 2014



  bumpkin 15:32 31 Dec 2014

I got stuck at 13 so left it, not given up but I find that if you have a break from these sort of puzzles for a while that when you return you may have a fresh thinking pattern. Quite like these sort of things myself, I foresee a competition arising between the intelligent members (Not myself obviously) :-))

  bumpkin 15:45 31 Dec 2014

I used to be able to do Rubiks Cube so when visiting friends or customers if I saw one I would do it and put it back exactly where it was. So there is a puzzle for them aside from the cube itself.

  rdave13 16:04 31 Dec 2014

I'm also stuck on 13.

  bumpkin 17:16 31 Dec 2014

Managed 13, wait till you try 14

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