It's either 149,790 or not!

  Sapins 17:20 04 Oct 2004

Just logged in after a restart and noticed the number of members was given as 149,790 I clicked on refresh and the number dropped to 149,788.

Are some people changing their minds at the last moment?

By the way are we having a "Countdown" monitor in a corner of the screen to mark the 150,000, probably too late Eh?

  Sapins 17:22 04 Oct 2004

Ah! now it's 149,790.

No point to this tread is there, it changes by the minute :-)

  SANTOS7 17:39 04 Oct 2004

But who is going to be 150,000 will they get a card/flowers/ box of chocs/free subs to pca/new comp/telegram from the queen/ or wot!!!!!!

  Sapins 17:50 04 Oct 2004

Will there now be a mad dash to re-register?

Don't think any of your suggestions will make it, but he/she could get a virtual medal!

  Sapins 17:58 04 Oct 2004

3 new members in the last 30 minutes, that gives us 207 to go divided by 3 = 69 x 30 = 2070 minutes divided by 60 = 34.5 hrs, so at approx x hrs tomorrow. nah! someone else finish this off :-( and I can't find the division sign on my keyboard.

  Forum Editor 17:59 04 Oct 2004

air of tension as we approached 50,000 members. It happened again when we neared 100,000.

Now we're within sight of 150,000.

There won't be any prizes for the 150,000th member, because if there was we would see all kinds of people up to all kinds of tricks. Let's just allow the total to clock up and tell us we're there. Then, when we get there we can all enjoy those links to virtual fireworks displays that someone always posts for us.

When we reach a quarter of a million we'll have a real celebration. In about three years time?

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:27 04 Oct 2004

Indeed not, 149,815 at time of writing!!!

  Baledor 11:34 05 Oct 2004

this could go on forever...

  Peverelli 11:55 05 Oct 2004
  Sapins 11:59 05 Oct 2004

Just like this site, I hope.

Peverelli, your forecast could just be right, hope you've got a bet on it ;-)

  Peverelli 12:20 05 Oct 2004

Yes, still on target for about noon on Thursday, although if I were to put money on it it'll definitely be a different day. Certainties become impossibilities as soon as I hand the money over ;-)

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