It's difficult to understand

  Forum Editor 23:05 11 Oct 2011

how Edinburgh's disaster of a tram project could ever have been entrusted to people who - in the words of one of the councillors who oversaw the project - "were not people who had previously had experience of major projects like this".

The scheme is years behind schedule, and The latest cost estimate for running the line from the airport to St Andrew Square in the city centre is £776m, which is far more than was originally projected for the entire network.

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  morddwyd 06:52 12 Oct 2011

It would have been better if he had come out and admitted that he, and others, were not competent before the project went into crisis rather than after.

The reality is that they believed, rightly or wrongly, that they would get funding from the then Scottish government even if it went over budget, and when Salmond came to power he made it quite clear that they would not.

  zzzz999 07:16 12 Oct 2011

They employed at rather handsome salaries several industry 'consultants' who sat on the board of the company created to manage the project. These were the people who were supposedly competent and knew what they were doing. All three 'resigned' when it became apparent they had led a dogs dinner and have left the council to carry the can.

  anskyber 08:03 12 Oct 2011

An example of the balances struck each time democracy has to be woven into technocracy.

It is said that some of the appointments may have been more politically inspired than skill based. Nothing intrinsically wrong with that, after all our system of government quite rightly rests on democracy.

The failure seems to be from the weakness of the administrators to ensure adequate skill are in the mix, it is their job to do just that.

  Crosstrainer2 08:06 12 Oct 2011

And as if all the above were not bad enough, the Tram, it seems is going to finish a mile away from it's intended destination, meaning nobody is going to want to use it for it's primary purpose!

  Quickbeam 08:20 12 Oct 2011

A friend of mine that worked on the Sheffield tram project in a surveying role was surprised at the efficiency of the work being done compared to the years that he worked underground for the NCB in the same role where time wasting was the order of the day. His view on the Edinburgh project is simply, if you get the same builder as your neighbour used for his extension, you'd expect get the same standard of work for yours, so why didn't they use the same experienced people to build theirs?

  zzzz999 08:24 12 Oct 2011

competitive tendering would have been compulsory on a project like that

  al's left peg 08:54 12 Oct 2011


I think there is more and more of that happening today, where the wrong people are chosen for the job and loads of money gets wasted and the tax payer ends up footing the bill.

  Aitchbee 09:11 12 Oct 2011

Strangely, I think it has become something of a 'tourist attraction' or 'folly'. The people of Edinburgh must be sick of it.

  gengiscant 09:24 12 Oct 2011


And as if all the above were not bad enough, the Tram, it seems is going to finish a mile away from it's intended destination

I think you will find the intended final destination was somewhere in Granton which is a little more than a mile from St Andrews Square where it will now terminate.

fourm member

At least, the trams will serve a useful purpose once they are finished

Useful to whom? The big majority of people in Edinburgh will have no reason to use the trams. In a recent study it was found that because of the trams now terminating at St Andrews Square as opposed to Granton then ability to run at a profit is virtually impossible and will have to be subsidised by our bus company Lothian buses, which will of course mean much higher fares for us all.

Which will not be a problem for our councilors who prefer to travel by taxi.

  morddwyd 10:25 12 Oct 2011

"so why didn't they use the same experienced people to build theirs?"

The company they are using is a vastly experienced company with similar, some much bigger, projects all over the world.

It is the management company, Tie (Transport Initiatives Edinburgh), which was set up just to manage this project so has absolutely nil experience, which has caused the problems.

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