It's difficult

  Forum Editor 18:58 09 Jul 2004

to remember what life was like without the internet isn't it?

We all used to gather round the piano and sing, or do embroidery and play charades. It was soon ten o'clock and time to light a candle and climb the stairs to bed. Tilly the chambermaid had turned down the covers and left a nice warm mug of milk on the table. Snuggled down under the eiderdown, there was time for a few pages of the latest novel by that clever Mr. Dickens, then drift off to sleep, to dream of..........who knows?

Personal computers, and the internet would have been an incomprehensible concept 50 years ago, never mind 150 years. It's impossible to sum up the ways in which a small metal box full of plastic, silicone, and metal components has changed the way we live, work and play in the short space of some 30 years. Imagine what can happen in the next decade or two - the mind boggles.

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