Its Burns night tonight so have a happy evening

  Ungus 13:57 25 Jan 2017

Tonight is Burns night when the immortal memory will be celebrated in 9 million official Burns suppers and many more unofficial nights in pubs clubs and homes across the planet.

So who was Burns and why is work so popular throughout the world, well he was a very well educated man for a subsistance farmers son he was like us all complex but had a genius to see the world in a different context and the ability to set it to rhyme in the Scottish language.

Many ask now would he have been for or against independence almost impossible to say he did write a piece praising the British state after being accused of being a radical. Its important to remember that the Scotland Burns was born into had large parts of it under British military rule and the act of proscription against Scottish dress culture music and language was still being enforced and would not be lifted until he was 23.

He also wrote many fine works on Scottish independence such as Parcel oh Rogues, Scots Wha Hae which appeared in the London times as Anon as it was described as sedition at the time and wasnt credited to Burns until two years after his death.

Americas greatest president whilst working in Law always had a copy of Burns with him and during the civil war would often read passages from Burns to his cabinet and generals, he named his son william Wallace Lincoln in honour of Burns and his poem Scots Wha Hae.

Burns is very much associated with helping save the Scots language at a time when having any other notion of Scots nationhood was dangerous and could end up in transportation.

His love songs endure to this day and it is true to say he had a real fondness for the lassies and i am sure there will be many funny replies from the lassies at the very many Burns suppers all over the world.

OF course Burns suppers now last over two months as fitting them all in on one night is completely impossible and there is a high demand for speakers on these occasion. They are great nights celebrating Scottish culture language and of course the genius of the man they can be formal or informal but one thing for certain there is humour and a feeling of egality and fraternity among Scots and non Scots and of course whisky on the table helps with the evening.

So if you are attending one over the next few weeks relax and enjoy our culture language and the genius of our bard Rabbie Burns.

  Brumas 14:04 25 Jan 2017

Just got back from the village school where us pensioners can get a fantastic 2 course home cooked meal for £3.50 and a cup of tea.

The menu was;- Haggis, neeps and tatties or Cottage pie, peas and neeps followed by the biggest (and only) clootie dumpling I have ever seen! We ate too much but what the heck it was fantastic!

We are approx. 17 miles from the Scottish border.

  Forum Editor 14:07 25 Jan 2017

I am attending one in London this weekend.

  Brumas 14:09 25 Jan 2017

Forum Editor, aye, but i reckon it will be more than £3.50 a head ;o}}

  Forum Editor 14:54 25 Jan 2017


I'm afraid so, but it's a good night - we go every year.

  wee eddie 15:08 25 Jan 2017

The most extraordinary Burns Night Celebration I ever attended was at the Fulham Flat of a Scottish Heiress, a daughter of the Saudi Royal House and an Israeli Politicians daughter. They had all been to school together and I was Janet's beau and Addressed the Haggis!

  QuizMan 15:08 25 Jan 2017

Not until 3rd February for me. We have an annual do at my running club, but this year the organiser is in New Zealand until the end of the month. Many varieties of malt available on the night, but I do not touch the stuff.

  morddwyd 20:00 25 Jan 2017

No need to restrict haggis to once a year, in the evening.

I regularly have a couple of slices fried up for my breakfast, with neeps, but no dram, and I'm not even Scottish!

  bumpkin 20:35 25 Jan 2017

The menu was;- Haggis, neeps and tatties or Cottage pie, peas and neeps followed by the biggest (and only) clootie dumpling

Who the hell would want to eat that. Just an excuse for a p up really.

  Brumas 21:25 25 Jan 2017

bumpkin. I take it your tongue was firmly in your cheek when you posted that because it was 12 noon at the junior school not the pub.

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