It's Been A Nice Day Today

  Bing.alau 15:46 05 Jan 2013

I've just got back from a very enjoyable day out. Drove the fifteen or so miles to Liverpool Town centre. Bought tickets for the Philharmonic Hall in May when the Royal Marines Band will be there for the Battle of the Atlantic celebrations. (70 years ago). Then carried on to Otterspool Promenade for a long walk and a picnic on a bench overlooking North Wales and the Wirral peninsula. The weather was glorious and the sun quite warm, people were out waking, cycling and running and there was a general atmosphere of fun with lots of children on their new bikes and scooters etc.

Us poor pensioners know how to live it up!

  rdave13 15:53 05 Jan 2013

I'm surprised you could see the north Wales peninsula. I haven't felt the sun for many weeks. Glad you had a great day out.

  Bing.alau 16:01 05 Jan 2013

Could see North Wales and also the Wirral Peninsula which is in England. We've had a couple of semi decent days weather wise this year so far. Not bad out of five. Let's hope that average keeps up.

  Brumas 17:47 05 Jan 2013


I do agree old pal, the weather here is just like a Spring day and everyone is out and about. I stood at the end of the village and, looking west could see The Cheviot still with snow, looking north Lindisfarne was basking in the weak sunshine and probably sinking under the weight of pre-season tourists, finally looking east I could make out Bamburgh Castle looking imposing as ever. This brings to mind a poem, written by John Dryden, I learned in my youth and which I can relate to.

"How blessed is he, who leads a country life,

Unvexed with anxious cares and void of strife!

Who studying peace, and shunning civil rage,

Enjoy'd his youth, and now enjoys his age."

We certainly can't complain about the weather so far in 2013, let's hope it continues.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:11 05 Jan 2013

Certainly warm for the start of January lets enjoy it!

  Bing.alau 18:26 05 Jan 2013


I'm not really living in the country but do live on the posh side of Liverpool. I'm also in a bungalow but from the attic window I can see North Wales on a good day.

I was brought up as an evacuee in the countryside of Shropshire, and I also have lived in wonderful country areas such as Dartmoor so I can relate to your poem. But I also think country life in those far off days were much less hectic than they are now.

  spuds 18:31 05 Jan 2013

Check your fruit and other trees, mine are already in bud, and that even after a few frosty nights?.

Is Mother Nature working overtime, or trying to tell us something?.

  Macscouse 19:00 05 Jan 2013


We have had similar weather up here in the far north. There are buds on the trees, and today I picked a daisy from the garden for LHO. Aren't I a good boy!

  onthelimit1 19:09 05 Jan 2013

Liverpool? Did your car still have its wheels when you got back to it?

  Bing.alau 19:55 05 Jan 2013

onthelimit 1

I think you are over the limit with the same old groaners. Liverpool is no different than other cities for that kind of petty crime. It never has been either, but for some reason or other TV liked to have somewhere to run down. It happened to pick on Liverpool. I suggest you get a few books and read all about this fair city. who knows even someone as thick as you may become enlightened!

Jock1e. Yes it is said that Liverpool was once the capital of Wales. It has also been said to be the capital of Ireland, because of all the Irish who settled here probably. Most of us Scousers can boast an Irish Grandparent. I certainly can, along with a Scottish one. Maybe we were also once the capital of Scotland?

  Nontek 20:06 05 Jan 2013


Why such strong language in respect of onthelimit1, can't you take a joke!

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