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  Forum Editor 11:15 12 Jul 2008

to discover that others don't necessarily see things in quite the same way as yourself:

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  last starfighter 11:18 12 Jul 2008

FE this guy clearly needs "Ousting", he shouldnt be in power as majority of us would agree if not all, i am amazed that Russia and China acted against this, i am not sure what to expect for the poor people of Zimbabwe now..

  Pine Man 11:22 12 Jul 2008

'i am not sure what to expect for the poor people of Zimbabwe now..'

Nor am I but in the short term I am sure that sanctions would only have made matters considerably worse for them - if that is possible.

  spuds 11:27 12 Jul 2008

I think this comes under the heading of human nature and politics. To hell with those on the suffering end.

Whenever an Idi is displaced, another Idi is waiting in the wings. Its usually a foreign government who as made life easier for some of these presidential leaders, but at a later stage their judgement might become embarrassing.

Its the people on the bottom rung of the ladder, who will always suffer, whether by fate, genes or some politicians whim.

And as for the United Nations. Don't get me on that subject :O((

  bri-an 11:31 12 Jul 2008

China has it's eye on becoming the next 'coloniser' of Africa, and will do all in it's power to de-stabilise that region (and be seen to give the UK/US the 'fingers' in the process).
International relations are the worse of this matter, and I sense the dawn of a new cold war in the making.
I grieve for the people of Zimbabwe.

  jack 11:46 12 Jul 2008

Inevitably lead to making things worse for the populations at large- as has already been stated.
Aid from Governments to Government -especially an African one has inevitably meant in the majority of cases in the ruling factions misusing/salting away the largess and very little if any gets to the place[s] intended.
It seems only the voluntary organizations working at ground level have any real affect - and of course are harassed or not allowed to operate.

  Forum Editor 12:42 12 Jul 2008

The only sense in which China has its eye on Africa is that it wants access to African mineral deposits. The Chinese government walks Africa carrying a large chequebook, and in countries desperate for economic growth that counts for a lot. China will do nothing that might jeopardise the flow of copper and other metals essential to its continued programme of industrial development.

Mugabe has encouraged strong ties with the Chinese government since he withdrew Zimbabwe from the Commonwealth in 2003, followed a year later by the closure of the IMF Zimbabwe office.

China needs Zimbabwe as a source of raw materials, not as a future Chinese colony. Zimbabwe needs China because the country can't realise the full potential of its considerable reserves of minerals without massive foreign investment - it's not a marriage made in heaven, but it's understandable.

  jakimo 13:25 12 Jul 2008

China has shown that they are indifferent to how Mugabe treats his people,their own history shows what they think about human rights.

Even if China had voted for sanctions, the supply of raw materials would not end,as you say,they need each other to much,but it would have suggested that they were diplomatically in harmony with the west,even if they didn't mean it

  Forum Editor 13:30 12 Jul 2008

China in diplomatic harmony with the West?

That'll be the day.

  TopCat® 14:24 12 Jul 2008

is just one of the many African countries where they have a presence. I listened to a recent radio broadcast about their involvement there and if portrayed accurately, it would seem that the Congolese people are getting a raw deal.

For an investment of around eight billion dollars, used mainly to build up the country's infrastructure with miles of new roads, a few new hospitals and two universities, China will have access to all the copper and cobalt within it.

When costing figures were discussed on air by the reporter and the Canadian intermediary responsible for the deal, it became clear that the Chinese stood to make more than fifty billion dollars profit from their venture.

China is desperately seeking mineral resources around the world, together with other commodities and resources. Their coffers would seem simply bottomless so the rest of the developed world should take note and act accordingly. For some it may be already too late. TC.

  Forum Editor 14:29 12 Jul 2008

I think you'll find that China is no different to the rest of the world when it comes to the laws of economics - the country can't possibly maintain the current rate of growth for very much longer, and when the brakes go on they'll go on hard.

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