" its also a pity all our utilities were sold off"

  Forum Editor 10:36 20 Nov 2010

So, you think that fuel prices would be lower if the power generating and supply industries were state-owned do you?

That's a misguided view; fuel costs would be no lower, you can't suddenly create fossil fuel supplies, just because the people own the business. Fuel cost rises are inevitable - we're using energy at an increasing rate, whilst fossil fuel supplies are being depleted - that's a recipe for rising prices.

The keys to the energy problem are:-

1. Make economies - use less electricity and gas, and insulate our homes and offices to the hilt.

2. Find and develop sources of sustainable energy.

3. Improve fossil fuel extraction technologies, so less accessible deposits become less expensive to extract.

We can all help with the first option - the others will be handled by commercial concerns; the fuel generating and supply companies who have a vested interest in the future of energy supplies, and the technology industry.

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